Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Reveal of Thrifted Skirt Num. 3!

Dear Fashion Diary,

Remember this post and this post
where I showed the first 2 of 3 thrifted skirts
I found at DI recently?
Well meet skirt number 3!!

You can imagine my excitement when I saw this number on the rack!

I got these 2 necklaces on a recent shopping trip and they are my FAVORITE.
I suppose you realize I loved both so much that 
 I couldn't wear just ONE!
p.s. I wore another skirt (used to be a dress) under this 1 to make it long enough :)

diaries are for secrets, right?
Well this skirt is actually {maternity}!
I loved it too much to give up there though, so
I rolled down the stretchy part and covered it with a belt.
(and I suppose I'll get good use out of its maternity-ness eventually...yikes!)

Remember how my brooch was my grandma's in the last post? Well she has great style because, these were her shoes as well! I think this is the 3rd thing of hers I got.

Moral of the story?
Never give up on a cute piece of clothing because it's not your size or not brand new!

  • cardigan worn as shirt: Gap clearance
  • sparkle necklace: Downeast Basics
  • pearl necklace: Rue 21
  • belt:??
  • skirt: Gap thrifted
  • white eyelet dress worn as a skirt underneath: forever 21
  • shoes: grandma's

    {P.S. I have an alternative top to wear with this skirt that I'm posting next so stay tuned!}
    linking up here :
    -wishing for spring,
    Sara Jane.
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Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Oh my gosh it is adorable!!!! I used to have a top in that same fabric from Gap and now you are making me miss it. I got rid of it before I had learned how to really style non-modest things modestly. Boo :(

Jessi and Brad said...

I can't believe you found all of this thrifted!! THey are so cute!! You wear everythign so well!! Love it!! :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

That has to be THE MOST romantic outfit I've ever seen. I love it all. And I noticed Grandmother's shoes right off the bat. It made me SO happy. I hope she was watching from Heaven!!! And her brooch on the blazer(below)was VERY inspired.

Jo said...

I just love this! The skirt, the skirt under it and the necklaces. Just beautiful!

Cee said...

I love all of the layers in this look- the pretty white scalloped skirt peeking out from under the hem of your floral skirt, and then your two layered necklaces. Two gorgeous combinations!!

Haze said...

thanks so much for your comment on my blog! That is such a sweet skirt, you look great :)


Chantelle said...

So cool that you can wear your grandmother's shoes...

simplychic said...

how creative of you to add the little lace detail under the skirt! that's my favorite part, that and you wearing two statement necklaces. So fab!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

i love how you put the dress underneath! too awesome!

~selina said...

Pretty skirt!

dressingup-everyday said...

Really a romantic and beautiful look. The skirt and necklace are fab.:)

kileen said...

wow, i'm absolutely loving the way you layered the skirt over the dress!! how creative and it really makes the skirt so much more interesting too!

cute & little

LikeSpinningPlates said...

I love the way you layered the skirts!! They look perfect like that! The white lace coming out of the bottom is awesome! Gorgeous necklaces too! I want to steal everything here.

Brooke R. Harper said...

Sara, What kind of camera and lens do you have?

Meagan said...

That skirt is sooo pretty and I seriously love how you used the scalloped lace detail underneath.

eng sara said...
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