Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewelry With A History.

Dear Fashion Diary,

This is what I wore to a job interview at a fashion store :)

I have a newfound love for stripes and flowers together!
The possibilities are truly endless.
And this particular combination reminded me of..
Martha's Vineyard weekends or New England tea parties :)
This lovely brooch was my grandmother's!
This isn't the only jewelry in this outfit with some past history,
as you'll see a little bit down the page!

When all these textures come together it makes a great look;
Even if I'm not wearing them they're still pretty just laying on the floor! haha

Did you notice I'm wearing earings for the 1st time??
Well these gorgeous pearl babies are actually
the very same ones I wore on my { Wedding Day!!!}
My mom found them one day at an antique store.
Who knows, maybe some vintage bride wore them on HER wedding day!!!
Jewelry is always more magical when it has a history, am I right ladies?

(this shirt puckers out at the bottom kinda weird-that's NOT a baby bump!)

I love this picture!! Simply luscious fabrics.

  • blazer/ring: Target
  • floral top: thrifted (Forever 21)
  • belt/gold shoes/purse: thrifted
  •  jeans: Designer Blvd. (AZ)
  • elephant necklace: Forever 21
  • brooch/earings: vintage

    -Vintage dreamer,
    Sara Jane.
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Sick by Trend said...

Love the floral top and that brooch! so beautiful! I'm following!

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Angela said...

Love this outfit. The floral top with striped blazer look really good together.

beckaboots said...

I really like this one! Stripes and floral DO go together!! mmmm must steal!


Maria said...

That floral top is so cute! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Of course I will follow you back, we have so much in common! I will loom forward to your posts :) xo www.avenuemaria.blogspot.com

Andrea Grace said...

love the patterns of floral and stripe together

Britt+Whit said...

ooh i love the brooch! what a great piece. I hope you get the job!

love from San Francisco,


Hazey said...

great accessories! I specially love your grandmothers brooch.


Chantelle said...

That brooch is so special, I love vintage jewelry.


LikeSpinningPlates said...

OOO I've been looking for a nice broach forever but the only really awesome ones are vintage granny ones. Very pretty! I also love that floral top. Haha I have so many flowy shirts that I love and they do that stupid baby bump thing at the bottom so I always try to make sure they are tucked in haha.

Mary said...

Lovely pics!
You look so pretty;)
Great blog!I added to your followers:)
Enter my new giveaway: you can win $75 Forever 21 giftcard!!

Eve ♥ said...

love the outfit! x

Monica Whitney said...

I love love love the floral with the blazer!

Ask the Duplex

dressingup-everyday said...

Great combo of textures and colors. Very cool outfit.:)

Sophie said...

Really really love your bag :)


Rachel said...

love it! did you get the job?!