Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Engagement Photos

So I recently realized that I never uploaded my engagement pictures to my blog! I did my wedding photos Here and Here,
but no engagements! So for your viewing pleasure, 
I present our photoshoot:

Funny story about that cup-we filled it with Styrofoam and sprayed some whip cream just on the very top, and my mom added a fake cherry! ha! She also made those straws.

Can you believe this is a KFC?!

If you can't read the banner (that my mom made from SCRATCH) it says Will and Sara.

I thought this would be cute in a corny way to take a picture by the Start sign, to signify the 'start' of our future together! Cheesy? I think yes.

We couldn't resist a picture with this Adorable gnome.

{We went to 3 locations: 
Smeeks--check it out! in Phoenix AZ,
a KFC that looks like a diner Gilbert, AZ
& a business park area in Mesa, AZ.}

If you want to see the other Amazing photos our photographer Jessica has done, go to her website right here! Her business is called Sierra Studios Photography. 
And if you want to see her blog where she uploads photoshoots regularly, go Here!

p.s. if you also want to see more banners my mom has made 
and her other lovely creations, go to her blog here where she has a link to her shop.
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Ashley Sloan said...

OH my gosh I love your photos! You guys are an adorable couple! You look so pretty! And you can tell you put a lot of effort into some of those photos like the drink (w/styrofoam) and the cute banner your mom made! So cute!

And I may have to try out a self-timer for some fashion posts haha. Thanks for your tips!

Ashley Sloan

McKinley said...

Awww I love them!!! They look amazing! The ones with the balloons are my favorite! You guys look so happy... congrats and good luck planing everything!

DailyGlamour said...

woaaaowww a KFC ? seriously ?! i love all pics tat's so pretty ! you look so happy !

Ewelina said...

great photos :) your mom must be a artist

Anonymous said...

love these photos, you look gorgeous! x

Angela said...

These photos are AHH MAZING.

Method Clothe

cryskay said...

these are one of the cutest engagement photos ever! i love the vintage props you've used. xx

Chelsea said...

Sara, you are an absolute beauty. Really. Gorgeous, girl.

And your mom totally rocks. All of the little details you pointed out are so darling.

These are awesome!


Sweet Momiji said...

Awwwwww!!!! You guys are just TOO adorable! I LOVE every photo!!
Thanks so much for sharing these!

Gentri said...

Love love love love love love these!!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

it's so adorable I love them all. that banner is so cute too way to go Mom.

alltumbledown said...

o.m.g these are just amazing! Hubs and I never did engagement photos and you're inspiring me to remedy that..

Nnenna said...

I love all the pastel colors and the too cute balloons! Your engagement photos are very pretty =)

star-crossed smile

Jessi and Brad said...

I LOVE your pictures!!! We'll have to visit some of those places when were in Arizona, sounds like fun! You two are just so perfect together, let's hang out soon!!!

The Platinum Batch said...

these are beautiful! you both look like models! my fav is the first pic! how perfect!!

aniamaria said...

lovely pictures! :)

Haze said...

Ohh I love your engagement photos. This is so you (from what I've seen) I absolutely love the retro feel. I just saw your wedding photos and you look amazing. The theme of the whole thing amazing for a lack of better word. I am in love with it, sorry if I'm rambling but this is such an inspiration since I wanted a wedding set on the 20s. I am guessing yours is 50s- 60s?


jamie-lee said...

Oh my gosh, these are absolutely darling!! You two look adorable in every one. I espesh love the mini story about the "milkshake" hehe

Nikki said...

aaaaawh! these are so so adorable ^^ I love the ones in the milkshake bar and with the balloons, the two of you look so happy! x

amanda said...

so adorable! loved these. <3

i just started a new blog and followers would be lovely!


Stevia said...

these photos look like a spread for Teen Vouge or something
just pretty!
you two make such a lovely couple
my fave is definitely the 3rd pic when you share a drink
can't believe you mom made that prop!
so cute!


aniamaria said...

thanks! :* :)
for working, for trip - for everything! :)
I love doing pictures so I add on the blog some of pictures :)


Oh my goodness, Sara ...I'm in love with these pictures, they are absolutely beautiful!! I'm loving the vintage feel, and you guys are adorable. Hope your week is a lovely one. xx veronika

ylenia said...

these pics are just PERFECT!

Another Day Another Outfit said...

What fun engagement pics!! They are so great!

le sorelle said...

These are amazing pics! Your Mom is super-creative! Congrats! :)

sorelle in style

Shalyn said...

I dont think there is a single picture I don't LOVE- you two make a stunning couple!

simplychic said...

how adorable! you guys are a lovely couple. thanks for sharing! going to look at the wedding pics now...

Michelle Lee said...

Amazing perfect photos :)

A Lost Feather said...

these are absolutely adorable! you guys are so sweet! i would have the hardest time not framing all of them and putting them all over my walls if i were you hehe

V A N E S S A said...

What a great pictures! you guys look very very cute together. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Is that really KFC? where?

Alexis Kaye said...

These are seriously ALLLL soooo cute!!!!! AHHHH!

SoYesterday said...

These photos are sooo cute! They are so romantic and inspiring.
You are absolutely gorgeous. xx

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. They are so lovely. Congrats on the wedding. Maybe we can follow each other?

ambika anand said...

these photos are lovely, love the vintage feel to them! :)

Zarna said...

these are all SO CUTE!

Ana Paula said...

Awww! They are absolutely adorable! I love the aqua and red colors and all the antique stuff--gnome included!


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Stacey Kay said...

these photos are amazing! I'm totally impressed and definitely inspired.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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Claire said...

Nice post!

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Have a great day!

LaynahRose said...

These are beautiful pictures!
Soo fun! Where in the world is your follow button?!

Laynah's Corner <-- uhh thats my blog, if I made that link right. (lol can you tell I'm new at this?)

LaynahRose said...

These are beautiful pictures!
Soo fun! Where in the world is your follow button?!

Laynah's Corner <-- uhh thats my blog, if I made that link right. (lol can you tell I'm new at this?)

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are awesome!!!! You look gorgeous and you guys are the cutest couple ever!!!! LOVE it!!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Goose. Bumps. x hivenn

.Candy. said...

everything seems so picture-perfect! it was genuine and sweet! i especially liked the one in the telephone booth!


Demü said...

wow!! those shots are amazing!!! what a great photographer!! so cool!! I love the "diner" shot at the kfc lol

Megan Joy said...

I can't believe that is KFC! These photographs are stunning. I love the vintage vibe and the use of fresh whites and stripes. You both look amazing. Congratulations.