Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bridge of Madison County.

Dear Fashion Diary,

As I was thinking of a title for this diary entry, I knew I wanted the word bridge in it because
I'm posing on a bridge here. Then I thought of that movie Bridges of Madison County,
and realized, I literally live in Madison County, Idaho!!!
I've never seen the movie and have no idea what it's about but the play on words worked for me! I mean what are the chances. I was standing on a bridge literally in Madison County.

Anyway. Onto the outfit. I know my last post was about wearing an outfit more than one way,
so I feel a bit repetitive here but whatevs. Deal with it. haha!
This lovely dress can be worn So many ways! I love its potential.
So here is look number 1:
Nice and simple.

Look number 2:
Slightly more classy with a blazer and heels to wear out somewhere.

Look number 3:
more playful, with a denim jacket. Fun for a picnic and such!

This is the look I wore oot-and-aboot. Husbandman & I went on a stroll through the BYU gardens! Prettiest place in Rexbrg I'd say.

I found this necklace at an antique store for 5 bucks! I'm telling you, antique stores are the place to get your one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I miss the Arizona shops.

  • dress: Maurices
  • black blazer/belt: thrifted
  • necklace: vintage
  • black heels: Charlotte Russe/Brown flats: Pac Sun/ Black flats: Ross
  • jean jacket: Ross

    So I just watched the trailer to Bridges of Madison County and...that was a piece of work. Super odd. I just wanted to use the title k? :)

    p.s. I want to give a big thanks to Gentri for her giveaway! I won 3rd place!

    p.p.s Can someone please tell me how to adjust my blog layout to allow me to have x-large pictures without sidebars overlapping??
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Sabrina T. said...

love the first photo and the dress:)great!kiss
new outfit on mine

Patchwork à Porter

Gentri said...

Yay!! I'm so happy you won!! :D and thank you for the shout out! I love this dress! So cute and you're right! So versatile!!

About the layout- the best I know of is working with your HTML and changing sizes. If you have a basic blogger layout you can simply adjust the size in the design section. (like where it opens the black tool bar at the top of your screen and shows your blog below) or you can go into the actual edit HTML section and adjust the sizes manually. Try to keep your sidecars around 200 because most buttons etc are 125-200. :)

There you go. That's about as deep as my knowledge of HTML goes. Hahaha!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

beautiful pictures! I have a whole series of tutorials on how to fix your blog. Go to the blogging tab at the top then "Blogger tutorials".

Ashlee said...

I love that last picture! The dress is so cute, and the scenery is just lovely. Looks like you had fun!

DailyGlamour said...

great shoes !

Isabel.L said...

Beautiful place, photos and you, of course:) all the outfits are great, my favourite is the dress with the denim jacket :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE these outfits doll! your so pretty! x

Sweet Momiji said...

Grrr!! I passed that dress up the other day at Maurices (i think it was that one) Now i am kicking myself after seeing your great outfits!! Love the last one1
And that necklace is gorgeous!!
Love the bridge pics! Beautiful scenery. :)

Amy said...

I need to start visiting antique stores. What a great necklace!

amy day to day

V A N E S S A said...

Oh wow! this is pretty nice, my favorite is look number 2, well done!

Hugs from:

Erin said...

That dress looks great on you! I love all 3 outfits and how you changed it up!


Ewelina said...

look 2 and 3 are my favorite :) and the last photo is very beautiful

Miss Kwong said...

your dress is so great, lovely pattern and cutting! love that u match it with a denim jacket ;)

Find me on:
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ylenia said...

Love these photos! especially those one the bridge =)

Emily said...

The first photo is like it was made in a fantasy world orso, lovely!
And I really love your necklace!

Emily said...

P.S I'm now following your blog!

The Bookness said...

You look great! I thought I was following you but i wasnt, but I am now. =) Maybe youll visit me someday.

The Platinum Batch said...

love this dress it looks like you can do so much with it! SOOO CUTE!

Alexis Kaye said...

love this dress :) and thanks for the heads up! totally entered!

Raji said...

Such a great dress and you "remixed" wonderfully, all of your looks are so pretty!
I cannot believe you live in Madison County, Ive never seen the film but its so awesome that you got to name a post after it and have it be so relevant!

Nnenna said...

I love all the ways you can style this dress! Each of the looks is very cute :)

star-crossed smile

Cee said...

How funny that you actually love in Madison County and hadn't seen the Bridges of Madison County movie until after titling this post :) [To be honest, I've never seen it either, but I've definitely heard it's an odd film.] It doesn't really matter, though, because this striped dress is pretty much perfection no matter how you wear it. And the five dollar necklace? Amazing, not to mention a great deal!

Ashley Sloan said...

I love that dress and jacket and the necklace too! How fun! How often do you take pictures of your outfits?! I tried it twice lol. But anyways, looking great as usual! And I think I will post about the Photo challenge soon ha.

Ashley Sloan

Ashley Sloan said...

I love that dress and jacket and the necklace too! How fun! How often do you take pictures of your outfits?! I tried it twice lol. But anyways, looking great as usual! And I think I will post about the Photo challenge soon ha.

Ashley Sloan

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

The pattern on this dress is so much fun, and stripes are so in now. The photos on the bridge are just so pretty!

Michelle Lee said...

that striped dress can go with just about every outfit :) great item!

ChiccaStyle said...

Nice pictures and lovely dress!!!The first photo is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I really like that you show how one piece of clothing can be wear it diffrent ways. it is so clever with those!

Stacey Kay said...

Great post! I love this layered with a T-shirt and with the denim jacket. Not to mention that antique shop necklace is to die for. Great blog, hope you'll come and visit me over at mine too! Nice to e-meet you!

Stacey Kay
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Meagan said...

I love seeing the different ways to style your dress. And you should definitely watch the Bridges of Madison County. It's a great movie!

Irusja said...

The dress is so cute!

alltumbledown said...

Loving the blazer look here!

Chelsea said...

You are such a beauty. I love the dress. And with the blazer? Stunning.

I wish I knew anything about fancy pants blogging secrets.


Zarna said...

that dress is SO cute!

Maria said...

I can't believe how much we have in common! I loooove those books!
This is such an enchanting bridge location. So gorgeous!

Shalyn said...

Love every look but number three is my fave- so fun and flirty!

augustalolita said...

wonderful outfit and photos!! i love your dress and shoes <3

Haze said...

Beautiful! I love your dress!


Karena said...

Sara I love looks that you can mix it up for a casual or dressy occasion!!

Art by Karena

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Sabrina said...

I adore your dress, it's adorable! Love it paired with the jean jacket.



Well it is pretty much the most adorable bridge I have ever seen, so I am not the least bit surprised that it lives in Madison County. And I LOVE the ways you have styled this dress! What a beautiful, versatile piece!