Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby McKenzie's Blessing Day!

So we had our McKenzie's baby blessing a few weeks ago and it was so wonderful! William gave such a beautiful blessing that made me tear up, and she didn't even cry at all during the whole thing. {She did however have a major nasty diaper blowout all over her beautiful homemade dress afterwards...but that's a different story!} So much family came too, I felt so loved :)  I was actually on day 1 of an awful, awful flu on the blessing day, little did I know! So I had to fake it and luckily I didn't feel Too bad yet, but the next day was horrid. So grateful it didn't fully hit till the next day! Regardless though, I still enjoyed every minute.  There's nothing quite like hearing your husband give a priesthood blessing to your little daughter. Indescribable.

Due to the major blowout all over the dress, I took these photos a couple weeks after the blessing one random morning, haha! I had to do my mom's sewing work justice and take a bunch of upclose photos of both her and the dress. You can find her over at The House of Whimsy blog :)

Look at the detail of the collar! She is amazing.

My mom gave me my old blessing dress when I got married, and here it is next to McKenzie's. I love seeing different generations together! And one day I can give McKenzie her dress when she gets married :)

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Nikki said...

Aw, Little baby McKenzie makes my heart melt! She's so precious and I adore her homemade dress. She looked like a princess. One day she'll be able to treasure hers like you now treasure yours! xo

Scott and Emily said...

Your family is so, so beautiful. I miss you guys so much! Your daughter is so precious!Your mom did an AMAZING job on her dress. Seeing all of your blessing pictures makes me excited for Baby H's turn! :)

Chandra said...

That dress is absolutely stunning. I love it!

Re: blow outs...
I spent three hours with my friend, her husband, and their 6 day old baby yesterday. I was there for not one, not two, but three lovely blow outs. MAN! They don't call 'em blow outs for nothin'! Not gonna lie. My ovaries were leaping within me yesterday. BABIES ARE AWESOME!

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Melodee said...

oh my gosh! I haven't been on your blog in ages, as I didn't know you had a little princess! congrats mamma! she is beautiful!

Laurel!!! said...

You guys are such a lovely family! I love it so much.