Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thrifted Gold, & Day 4 Photos!

Dear Fashion Diary,

  • Cardi: Downeast
  • dress: thrifted
  • necklace: Le Mode Accessories
  • bracelet: Forever 21??
  • shoes: gift

You guys. 
I have coveted Ann Taylor apparel for most my life, but never have been able to afford it. 
Until now!
I scored this pink Ann Taylor dress at the D.I.! (similar to Goodwill)
Who would give up this beauty?? And the best part is,
this dress is so versatile I could wear it any number of ways! I can't wait :)

And now for Day 4 of my Photo Challenge , 

P.S. I am being featured over Here  today go check it out!
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Gentri said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! :D Love the outfit. And congrats on such an awesome find!!

Jessi and Brad said...

ah seriously I LOVE that dress!! It is so adorable and perfect for Spring/Summer!! reat cloud pictures, they are looking awesome!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

hey there!
love your photo challenge, and also that pretty cardigan!

so lovely to meet ya... can't wait to learn more about ya!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I am speechless over that dress. And talk about and grey together. I could stare at this outfit all day. I loooooove the green belt and necklace too!!!
Now on to the clouds and tulips...magazine worthy!!! I just love the lighting!
You make me proud, sweetie. : )

Anonymous said...

so cute !!!:)

Sweet Momiji said...

Hi! Found you through the photo challenge!
Your cloud pics are gorgeous, and I LOVE your dress!! Congrats on the great find!
Have a great day!

Angela said...

Great dress Sara. Did I ever tell you that I am a follower?

Method Clothe

Sherry said...

Awesome photos!!! I love your cardigan and flower!! :)

LikeSpinningPlates said...

The colors here are so gorgeous! This may be my favorite outfit of yours! i LOVE that green belt. So pretty =)

Monique said...

Love the colour of your dress!!

Monique xxx


LOVE, this outfit!! I'm loving how you've styled it and that dress, eeee, what an amazing score. Have a fab week. xx veronika

PS love the photo challenge pics.

Ashley Sloan said...

Love the dress find (LUCKYYYY) and that necklace is fab!! And love the cloud pics!!! Time to take a picture of books now :) Sorry it took me awhile to respond back...I was busy working on a giveaway!!! Hope today is great for you!

Ashley Sloan, Check out my giveaway if you'd like :) Win a Zephyr hat of your choice!

Monica Whitney said...

This dress is fabulous, Sara! What a great DI find.

Ask the Duplex

V A N E S S A said...

Such a lovely outfit!

Hugs from:

Divina Joy said...

Congratulations on being featured! You look really cute out there.. Love the illustration.

I love your outfit today. Wow, ann taylor.. And the clouds are beautiful also..

cryskay said...

cute outfit! the cloud photos are gorgeous. xx

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

I love how you layer to bring in color. That dress is darling. And I love your tulip and cloud photo!

I kept trying to add your blog to my sidebar so I'd remember to come visit more often and couldn't find you in my blogs. Apparently I wasn't yet a follower? I totally thought I was! Oh blogger.

Another Day Another Outfit said...

That dress is the most gorgeous color!