Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding Through My Lens.

So as usual, I am behind the times.
I got too busy to
post my take on the wedding right as it happened.
but, better late than never right?!

First things first. 

(all of the following pics were taken on my TV screen, sorry for the fuzziness!)


The vintage feel of it sortof reminded me of mine!

I got this^ awesome colorful shot as
the screen shots changed.
I love it anyway!
Look how the flower girls/bridesmaids look like little flowers on the carpet!!

Is it just me or did William look like a Disney prince??!

Then the carriage ride to the Buckingham Palace :)


(can you believe this is a picture of my TV screen?! I love HD.)

And of course...
So storybook romantic :)

I snapped the camera at Just the right moment! Love the vintage planes overhead.

And the crowd goes WILD!!!
( Can you spot me?? Im with the green umbrella. Jk..I WISH.)

Ok I think it's a tie for me between her wedding dress and 
THIS little beauty she wore after. Fits her like a glove
and I want one in every color
for me!

Again, I love HDTV!!

I love how they mixed things up
and he drove his Princess 
away from the palace himself.

Not to mention this adorable license plate!!!

And they lived happily ever after...

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1 comment:

Jo said...

Wow! Those were amazing pictures. I didn't wake up early to watch it live but I've watched the specials since then. LOVE both of her dresses! Perfection.