Monday, May 2, 2011

F.D.: Gladiators & Bird Cages.

Dear Fashion Diary,

So here's what I wore the other..week, Diary.
Nothin to write home about but I had
just gotten a ton of fun thifted clothes and 
wanted to try out some outfits.

This polka dot top could go with just about anything! You may see it later over my white sundress. ;)

Something about ruffles, bird cages and vests just thrills me!

Ok so I have always gone 
back and forth over 
the gladiator shoe.
Husband hates them but I couldn't resist for some reason!
I needed some sandals for the upcoming
summer and all I've got are flip flops.
Something about the design and shiny gold spoke to me
and I took it as a sign when I found them in my size
at Goodwill!

What do you think? Can I pull off the gladiator style??

Latest faaaaavorite necklace. Claire's! whaaa??

  • mustard shirt: Ross
  • polka dot top: thrifted 
  • vest: thrifted
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • necklace: Claire's
  • jeans: Charlotte Russe
  • gladiator sandals: thrifted

-the Gladiator chick,
Sara Jane.
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Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Super cute! Love the polka dot shirt and shirt underneath. Love the bird cage pendant!
Super cute!
I loved the movie. The alutary part was lame for me but the rest was great

Jessi and Brad said...

Love the gladiator on you!! Love the jeans!! it all just fits so well!! :)

cryskay said...

love your ruffle polka dot top and sandals. i have a similar pair. xx

Jo said...

I love the waistcoat! It is the perfect colour and goes so nicely with your hair!


mari b. said...

such a darling necklace!

Forever young. said...

nice blog!
like ur gladiator sandals and t-shirt, they look amazing!


S said...

Really nice uotfit!
Love your golden gladiator!!!

Twenty Somethings said...

<3 the Vest, the cage pendant and d gladiators :)

Sienna said...

relaly cute outfit, love the gladiators

Gillian said...

I love the polka dot blouse, and the bird cage necklace is just too cute!
I love gladiator sandals, I think they look great on you!