Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dream Closet, Part 1.

So I know we all have that list of clothes we all want but can't quite afford.
And I of course am no different.
In fact I am a hoarder of pictures & pictures of clothes I want..

So without further ado,
I would like to personally invite all of you to
a virtual tour of my..

So to start off, here are a couple 
real closets that I drool over..
To have your clothes displayed in a place like this
 would just be the cherry on top!

This is Mariah Carey's closet. 1,000 shoes people.
I wouldn't ever want to go to sleep
because that would mean less time with my SHOES!

Ok so we've walked up to the closet doors,
thrust them open excitedly and
have found ourselves in the dress section!!

Nautical, sailor types:

a little more dressy/vintage:

Evening dresses:

Ok, you can't look at this ^ dress and not just melt.

And coming up on our right we've found the formal occasion dresses!
Just a couple are here, but their sparkle
more than makes up for the small quantity!

(can you tell I Might have an intense love of all things sparkly??)

And as we delve deeper into this closet of dreams
we've come up to the skirt section:
This is the cutest universal skirt shape. Flattering with anything and so feminine!

Bright spring colors are always gorgeous on skirts too.
My latest favorite color combo is yellow & grey :)

And who can say no to florals?! OHhh my goodness I just go positively GIDDY at the sight of these prints.

That concludes our tour of the dressy section of this 'closet in the clouds'. stay tuned for part 2 of my magical tour where we explore more casual outfits :) Thanks for comin along!
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Meredith said...

holy cow! those closets are amazing. for reals. love them. the dresses too i mean, lovely! PS: welcome to the Mormon fashion bloggers list! :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh..My..Goodness!!! This is the MOST "virtual" fun I've had in a long time. Seriously, it's SO FUN to dream...and every photo here was completely dreamy. Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy!

Michelle said...

Love this. So stylish! Beyond glad I discovered your blog. I'm absolutely in love with this. I'd really be glad if you visit mine too. Check it out for updates every day about the latest fashion news, trends and street style. Would love your support. Kisses from Brazil xoxo

PS: If you follow me, I'll follow you back.

Jay and Kay said...

Love the closet! Have you seen Princess Diaries 2? It reminds me of it.