Saturday, April 2, 2011

F.D.: There's a Gap in my Life. The Good Kind!

Dearest Diary,

I am now a firm believer of Gap clearance.

Here is the shirt on the gap model:
(I think she wears it better lol)
I show this because I'm not sure ya'll can see the sequins on the sleeves!!
(In case ya haven't heard, newsflash: Sara LOVES sequins.)
Anyway, the orig. price was 35 buckaroos.

Not bad, but I have a rule that I refuse to spend more than 15 on a shirt.

Where I once used to sadly pass by The Gap in a mall because I knew
there's no way I'd ever be able to afford that place,
I now proudly go inside, & rush straight to the clearance rack!! 
Someone's growing up. (haha)

What did I pay, you ask?
The clearance price of $12.99, folks!
This chica is becoming quite the sale guru.
And just you wait to see what I got on their clearance the other day!
I'm so excited I'm already dreaming up all the
outfit combinations, so stay tuned!

So here you can get a better view at the sleeves.

I just fell head over heels for this pale shade of pink as well.

  • shirt: Gap
  • striped undershirt: Target
  • necklace: Forever 21
  • belt: thrifted $1
  • jeans: Designer Blvd. 
  • shoes: Payless
So there ya have it. Not the most exciting outfit but still a fun casual one :) I've recently fallen in love with pairing shirts I'll usually wear on the outside, underneath shirts I would usually wear alone. Try it! I double dog dare you. Now you have to do it.

-Clearancedly Yours,
Sara Jane. 
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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, I'm so happy for my "bling-bling girl" : D
This shirt is AWESOME!!! And you can't beat that price. I love it belted. And those cute little shoes are to die for!!!!!

A Lost Feather said...

i love the way you styled the shirt.. you can definitely give that model a run for her money! and yeah gap has a great clearance section.. so does anthropologie! they are practically giving stuff away in there (well, sometimes hehe)

Faith Peacock said...

I may need to adopt your rule on no more than $15 on a shirt, but what's your rule for pants? Love the necklace.