Friday, April 1, 2011

F.D.: Lace & Overcast Days.

Fashion Diary,

I sincerely apologize for my horrible hair, Diary.
I finally got it re-highlighted though,
pictures soon to come!
But first I must catch up on a few pre-highlight posts..
Yes I'm slightly behind.. 

Now. About the outfit!
I found this gem of a shirt at Ross, I was pleasantly surprised
when I saw her hanging on the rack all by
her lonesome!
I love me some lace.
In fact I'm sort of obsessed. 

It's not even close to my size, but 
I saw it's potential, plus belting just about any shirt can make it 
instantly cute.

And to top it all off, I found some metallic new shoes at Payless!!

They're like..boater shoes meets shiny clubbing shoes.
(I could be the spokesperson for Payless. $$$!)

  • top: Ross
  • undershirt: Abercrombie
  • necklace: grandmother's
  • belt: Target
  • jeans: Forever 21
  • shoes: Payless
--Un-highlightedly Yours,
Sara Jane.
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rebecca said...

What a cute top!! I love the lace and the cut.


Faith Peacock said...

It may be my favorite outfit yet! You are so skinny it is makin me jealous! Also, I totally thought you would've worn your new shoes, cause I love those!

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oh my steve maddens with the high heel? Will hates when I wear those cause they make me taller than him so I don't wear them often hahah. but ya they would be great with this outfit!
Plus I had just got these shoes about 5 mins before these photos :)

Jay and Kay said...

Fun Shoes!!

Meggy said...

Loooove that lace top!! I am obsessed! Very cute style.

Meggy from Chasing Davies