Thursday, April 21, 2011

F.D.: Change of Plans.

Dearest Fashion Diary,

Oh Diary! I feel like it's been awhile. 
My sincerest apologies.

So this outfit was not my first attempt.. 

I started with this right here, but wasn't quite happy with it.

So I raided my closet and came up with this:
still thinking...thinking..Do I like it?

Why, yes! Yes I think I do!!! :)

Got this fab belt on clearance at Wet Seal! Something about it spoke to me-it's bold :)

Don't you love the popping colors?!

Not sure if you could tell but this shirt sparkles! I love the sparkly threads sewn into it.

  • Demin Jacket: Ross
  • sweater-thingy..:Ross?
  • sparkle shirt: Gap clearance
  • tree necklace: Style Lounge
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • jeans: forever 21
  • shoes: Steve Madden c/o Amazon
  • (green cardi: target) 

-the frequent mind-changer,
Sara Jane.
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Faith Peacock said...

I actually loved the first outfit with the green sweater. You have such a different style than me. I couldn't pull off that belt.

Andrea said...

Loooooove the shoes. Work it, girl!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore that necklace!