Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arizonan Spring Break- Part 2

And now the last half of our Arizona trip :)

We went to Joe's Farm Grill which is one of my very favorite spots to eat!
The restaurant is built as an add-on to
Joe's actual house he grew up in!
And it's surrounded by fields of..well I'm not sure what but 
fields and fields of stuff! hahah :)

It was so refreshing to not need a sweater!

The room on the right is the original living room

As is this! See the vintage picture of the whole family??

The whole atmosphere is like a big family picnic. It fills me with happiness!

My sister Emily, my mother, and I :)

And these are my Ay-dorable nieces, Gracie(left) & Claire(right).

And now our road trip home!
It was hard to leave but I was camera-crazy the whole ride :)

(picture ^ from phone)

hahahah don't we look Amazing?! Road trips do great things for one's appearance.

My favorite spot along the way each time is Panguitch, Utah. It's like the real Stars Hollow!

All the old-fashioned homes are beautiful.

Had to include this one bahah they've got great personality there :)

Can't wait to go this summer!!!

I have thought my whole life that the desert is ugly,
but on this trip I came to realize
the colors and the rock formations of the desert
are Amazing and Beautiful!
It's like a huge painting that God created across the landscape.
The sheer size of the mountains contrasted against the bright blue sky 
simply take one's breath away.
(and um..maybe the fact that we got a break from snow and bitter wind contributed to my newfound love of the desert ;) )

We were ooohing and ahhhing the whole way home!

(these 2 ^ photos taken on my phone!) (but edited on my computer..)
I encourage each of you to try to open your eyes to something you originally thought was not so pretty or a harsh environment to live in. And that goes for anything, not just nature!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing our spring break!!
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Piril Maria said...


♥ Love,

Brianna said...

Sara I love all your pictures!!! they are always so awesome! I was wondering what kind of camera do you have and do you use different lenses to get all those looks or do you use photoshop to do that?

Amira said...

Fantastic pics! Love your blog! Follow you)follow me?

Jessi and Brad said...

So wonderful! Your pictures turned out fantastic!! JOe's looks yummy and quaint too! We'll have to try it this Summer!

Katie said...

Awesome pictures!! I live in Arizona and find it absolutely beautiful. And I'm going to Lake Powell this summer too! Can't wait!!

XO, Katie

Renee B. said...

Beauuuuuutiful photos! I enjoyed coming along on your road trip...just makes me want to go on one myself, honestly! I've never been to any of those places, so they are definitely on the list now! xoxo

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

My goodness, you've outdone yourself with these photos. They have such a wonderful retro feel to them. They just make me happy.
And those AZ pics belong in an 'Arizona Highways' magazine.
Fantastic job, sweetie!!!
P.S. i miss u : (

ShoeManGroup said...

WHAT? These were taken with your phone? I love them! I really like the ones with your feet on the dash.

Faith Peacock said...

I wish we could've seen you two. But there will be many more trips down here right?! Love the pics of AZ. I use to think the same thing, but a few years back I found my love for the desert.

Sara Shoemaker said...

haha no just the feet-on-the-dash pictures were with my phone :) and the cherry blossom looking ones. Road trips are a new experience with a new rebel camera!!! :)