Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Groovy Baby!": The Style Cycle.

The 60's/70's. The eras of poofy hair, bell bottoms, flower power, funny catch-phrases, and go-go boots.

all vintage photos from: here

Oh, yes.

Just lovely. And look how Fez (from "That 70's Show") is in this authentic ad??!

Although this era was host to some
pretty weird styles, I have been noticing for some time now that this fashion is making a major comeback!
Unlike the original, the reincarnation of these trends today is much tamer and cuter now, and I am loving it! Some really knew how to work the trends well however.
For example-here are some pictures of my mom back in the day (isn't she adorable?!) next to some recent pictures. She has always had amazing fashion sense. :)

Can you believe how similar these looks are?! They're both so cute! the picture on the right is from Orchid Grey. Love her style! You should def go check her out.

The wide-leg trouser is definitely back , and it's one of my favorite looks ever. The pic on the right is from The Daybook. I want her jeans!!! And all her cute clothes!

Ok this comparison just freaks me out 
at how much they look alike. My mom is such a cutie on the left, and also working the oversized-glasses look amazingly
on the right is Kendi Everyday which I love. Some of her pictures are crazy similar to pictures of my mom at her age. Both ladies so so cute!

Both rockin the tie look. I love how some fashionista's have tweeked vintage looks to work for today! It's a perfect blend that Kendi obviously has down-pat.

And then there is the Twiggy look which I've seen around a lot lately. I absolutely love the Twiggy look. I think Orchid Grey rocks a similar look marvelously.

Check out this groovy shoe ad. I think a similar version of this shoe is starting to show up everywhere, like Orchid Grey's look 2 pictures up. Love the new interpretation she has!

And then there's the 70's Hippie/Bohemian look. No one works it better than her!

Well it's obvious to see how many creative minds 
we have here in the blogosphere. 
( Yes..I just said blogosphere.) 

I love to get inspired from these mentioned fashion bloggers. It really does require talent to take what you love
from decades past and make it your own, like these ladies do! I strongly suggest stopping by their blogs if you haven't already. 

And as for my mom- she has always had an eye for fashion and always will. I always get a thrill from flipping through her pictures. Now only if she kept all her cute clothes to give to meeeee! ;)
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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Well, this certainly was a Blast From the Past!!! I especially loved all the 70s Ads. How did those people keep a straight face?
I love the new spin on that era though...super cute!
And as for your new pants in the Post below...WOW!! They're adorable, just like the model. : )

Orchid Grey said...

thanks for all the love, darlin! I'll post this to my facebook wall to let my readers know about your mom's great style!

beckaboots said...

I love it all- especially the vintage photos of your mom. Very groovy. Now I want to look at my mom's old photos :)

Stargirl said...

Oh my goodness I love those old photos of your mom! She always does know what's up