Wednesday, March 16, 2011

F.D.: Old Hollywood?

Dear Diary,

Once upon a time there was a bored little girl 
who sat at home putting on
outfit after outfit, trying so many different combinations,
just for fun. You see, this little girl was
REALLY bored. 
She happened to utterly adore 40's fashion and
would sometimes even imagine what it would be like to live back then.
She thought that was the time when people Really knew how to be glamorous.
So, she decided to channel her inner 'old-hollywood' self. 

So I didn't want to look like I was on my way to a Halloween party, so
I also made the outfit a little modern. But first of all 
I wanted to see what it would look like
to just have the undershirt with the under-skirt. I love both looks!

So there's that. Now back to the vintage look. I had so much fun wearing this!

(ignore the water stains on the mirror......)

  • lace shirt: Charlotte Russe
  • pencil skirt: Ross (I wore that under the dress to make it modest.)
  • dress: Forever 21
  • necklace: gift
  • purse: thrifted vintage
  • shoes: Charlotte Russe online

Confession. The past like...5 fashion diary posts have been from this same 
day. I kinda went crazy with my clothes that day.
Newsflash! I've realized that my closet is a lot of fun!!!
Is it sad that I didn't wear most of these past outfits outside?! That's how much fun I have 
with clothes. The Possibilities are endless!! :)
I encourage all of you to see what you can do with your wardrobe! Mix & match people!

sara jane
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