Friday, March 25, 2011

F.D.: Embracing Femininity.

Dearest Diary,

Don't you just love whimsical skirts and flowery cardigans?!
This is a very feminine outfit that I 
loved wearing to church a couple weeks ago.
(yes, I am very behind on all my posts. so what.) 

p.s., when I first got these shoes in the mail, I promptly threw them on
even though I was in my work outfit, haha.
I just couldn't contain my excitement!

But back to the real outfit!

I wish I were in some Secret Garden when I wear this.
( I fully intend to have a Secret Garden of my own one day. 
It is my lifelong goal! 
besides going to Paris.)

I just love the shape of this skirt. You can't help but twirl in it!

  • cardi: Downeast Basics
  • necklace: Forever 21
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • skirt: Kohls
  • shoes: Steve Madden

-Sara Jane
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Michelle said...

love the skirt and belt combo!

Faith Peacock said...

Cute Cute! I love girly outfits but I what I love about this is it's very lady like. I loved the belt and I could never pull off those shoes like you do!

Amy said...

I LOVE those shoes. What brand are they? Cute blog! Just found you on the Mormon fashion bloggers list on Clothed Much.

amy day to day

Meredith said...

love it. truly truly. the shoes are perfection! and yes: a secret garden has always appealed to me too. maybe someday ... :)