Tuesday, March 29, 2011

F.D.: Dreaming of the Seaside.

Dearest Fashion Diary,

Ever since I got this new shirt and new jeans,
I've been anticipating this casual-chic outfit :)
I'm kindof obsessed with all things
Now all I'm missing is my yacht!!! 

Maybe this outfit doesn't have enough Color..but hey nothing's wrong with
wearing my blues all together! :)

that's right..white girl got hops!!!

Land Ho!!!! :)

Look, I even have my own Flounder buddy.

  • shirt: Kmart! $5?
  • belt: Goodwill  $1
  • jeans: Forever 21 $9.50
  • shoes: thrifted $4
-Your Yacht Buddy,
Sara Jane. 
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I absolutely adore the look of stripes, such a fab classic. And I love skinny jeans paired with them, such a cute look. And yes, bring on the yacht, sounds fab. ;-) xx veronika

ByTheSea said...

I came over from your mommy's blog.. you have such a wonderful momma and I haven't even met her in person :)

Your blog is adorable. Have fun.

Amy said...

I feel like I gravitate towards the nautical looks and I have to force myself not to get too many things! I want a pair of Sperry's for the summer to go with this look. Love this casual outfit.

amy day to day

rebecca said...

I love this laid back look. That belt is awesome! And your shoes are adorable.


Mimi Sue said...

I'm one of the "old ladies" that have a blog...Your mom said to come over and say hi. So HI! Very cute blog. Can grandmas wear some of these outfits? I'd like to try. Mimi

Faith Peacock said...

Can I be jealous that your outfit only cost like $20?! Awesome!

Hayley said...

I have been looking for a pair of shoes to make an outfit almost exactly like this!!

The Weekend File

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Sara's "got air"...AND style!!! Hee-hee! :-D