Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion Diary: Finally.

Dear {Fashion} Diary,

So you know how I have recently become
addicted to online shopping?
Of course you do.

Well, I have had my eye on these very shoes for weeks!!!
Patiently (or not..) waiting for them to go on sale.
Because I refuse to pay over 50 dollars for shoes! No matter the cuteness.
Lo and Behold!! After weeks of checking,
these lovlies went from $109 to $39.99. THANK YOU AMAZON.COM.
I will love you forever.

Secondly, I have also been waiting to find the perfect dark wash skinny jeans.
The stars must have recently aligned or something because
I found my perfect jeans, $9.50 from Forever!!! 
And get this. 
They had one pair left, and...
it. was. my. size.
I took it as a sign and promptly ran for the Visa card :)

  • Sweater: thrifted
  • checkered shirt: thrifted
  • jeans: Forever
  • shoes: Amazon (steve madden)

I think from now on I'll call this my "lucky outfit" ;) 
Lucky finds at the DI, and lucky finds
on the world wide web!

March really is a lucky month! And I'm not even Irish.
-Sara Jane

{P.S. what are some of Your lucky finds??}
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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Right off the pages of the latest Fashion Magazine!!! I can't get over how pulled together this whole outfit is!!! I looooove the striped sweater with the checkered shirt.
And those shoes with those $9.50!!!!!jeans!!! You've made your mother proud! :-D Way to go on holding out for the perfect price.
Oh, and I love the brick wall backdrop...AND the fun editing. I LOVE IT ALL!!

Hayley said...

Love this look, so adorable. and thrifty! AWESOME. And I love XXI skinny jeans. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine.

Jessi and Brad said...

Love the brick wall!! That's so awesome you got such great deals!! :) haha. I love the look to this! This morning I was wearing my white collored shirt to work and I was going through my closet looking for a sweater to put on top, like this! haha. I don't know what I was thinking, I don't even own a sweater!

Sara Shoemaker said...

Jessi you don't own a sweater?? wha?

Morgan said...

Lucky! Those shoes are amazing and look great with that outfit!

Meet Virginia Design

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes! Very cute! XD I just purchased a really cute vintag-esque necklace at Sexy Modest.

Amy Z. said...

I LOVE this outfit! It's always the best when the item you want is only left in your size. And I WANT your shoes!! I've been wanting a pair like that too, are they comfortable?

Abbie said...

Your outfit is the cutest! In love with your shoes...

Dee O. said...

This outfit is ADORABLE!!! You look so lovely!


Sara Shoemaker said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Each and every one brightens up my day. I suggest checking amazon or ebay for shoes like these. There are also 3rd party websites that search all over the web to find what you're looking for at the best price. and Amy, no they're {not} the most comfortable because they're so high but it's SO worth it! :)

Imogen said...

Love the mixed patterns together.