Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fashion Diary: Experiments

Dear Diary,
Alright so I've been blog surfing a lot lately and decided to try some of the ideas I've seen around that I liked. I may or may not be a slight copycat. So sue me.

I got this pose-on-the-dryer idea from The Daybook .It's such a fun idea!

My 2nd experiment is the top knot, seen on Ashley 's blog. I'm not sure I work it quite as well, but I thought I'd give it a shot! :)

It made me feel ballerina-esque. If I had thicker hair I think I would've pulled it off better.

  • Checkered shirt: thrifted at DI
  • black cardigan: target?
  • pearl necklace: found in my mom's garage...
  • skinny jeans: XXI 
  • shoes: thrifted
  • belt: Target
  • aqua watch: Charming Charlie
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Chelsea said...

I think you can definitely pull off the top knot. Me . . . not entirely. I look like a baby.

Cute blog!


Brooke R. Harper said...

very cute look on you

Jessi and Brad said...

I loved the outfit!!! So adorable! I really likedthe top knot too! You worked it well! :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

WOW!!! I wish I looked that cute while doing laundry. Ha!
I cracked up at the "found in my mom's garage"...cuz we all know that if you look long enough out there in the "Twilight Zone", you can find just about anything!!!! :-D
Love the outfit, love the top knot, love the model!

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oh mom I wasn't actually doing laundry hahah. And I'm glad you noticed that garage comment haha! I've realized I have quite a few lovlies from your garage! lol thanks for the comments everybody! :)

Cami said...

I think your hair looks great like that! I wish I could pull that off, but my ginormous forehead wouldn't allow for it.

You are cute Sara. :)

SarahBethLawlor said...

I love the on the dryer shots! Such a fun idea :) and don't worry about the big pictures getting chopped smaller, they look more artsy that way haha

Brittanica said...

LOVIN the top knot. The picture with your hands at your side and your mouth wide open= favorite. You are such a doll. I immediately wanted to go pose on the dryer. By they way, does Will take your pictures or do you set a timer? And there is no shame in being a copycat. It just means I only have to come here to find the cute stuff because you'll find the good stuff doing all the blog-surfing I don't have time for:)

Sara Shoemaker said...

thanks guys!!! Every single photo is taken on a timer-that's why they're not as good as most blog pics..haha. I love your copycat logic!!! I'll bring all the cutest trends to you :)