Thursday, March 10, 2011

F.D.: Sea Creatures & Lipstick.

Dear Diary,

I may sound like a broken record, but I am seriously
having a love affair with bright red lipstick!
It spices up any outfit.
Granted, it doesn't go with everything, but it goes great with
bold colors and shapes! 

P.s. I found this shirt at KMART of all places! 
That place is pleasantly surprising me lately.

I felt like I should be going to a party on a yacht wearing this..
Do you like my new little pet, Obadiah the Octopus?? 
I brought him back from the beach with me ;)

Then I decided to get all "artsy" and try a new kind of outfit combo. 
This collared shirt is also from Kmart! Holla! Yes I just said, "holla".

Belt: Goodwill $1

Polka-dot shirt: Forever 21

Don't you love how intense my expressions are???
It's interesting how different clothes can 
effect the way you feel.
I guess stiff, collared shirts buttoned to the very top make me feel like 
an intense secretary or something..
I'm weird.

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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

That first photo makes me smile from ear to ear. It is SO dang cute!!!
I'm also in love with the first polka-dot shirt picture. It's SO super artsy! It belongs in a magazine. : ) Keep up the good work, cutie-pa-tootie! L O V E the red lipstick!

Jay and Kay said...

I like the polka-dot shirt outfit! Way cute! I'm excited to see how you keep being fashionable when you're pregnant. Any ideas? It's hard sometimes not to just feel like a cow. :P

Sara Shoemaker said...

Oh gosh haha I have no idea what I'll wear once I'm preggers. But I know Target has an adorable maternity section. And I think Natalie Portman sure rocks the cute pregnant look!

But I do think lots of loose, flowy shirts are cute when you're preggers, and lots of empire waist stuff.I probably won't wear many shirts that are form-fitting. Oh and there are still cute maternity jeans!

Jessi and Brad said...

Ooohhhh LA LA!!! I love the red lipstick!! THe stripes were so cute too!! The polka dots was very original, I loved the idea!! YOu look fantastic!! Maybe when it's raining we could get an umbrella and go to a rain shoot! :) I've always wanted cute rain pictures! haha