Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Tour of the Place We Call Home.

So let's start the tour with the living room! We're waiting to get couch covers so this won't be the final look. But I am so in love with the matching lamps my mom gave us! Now if we can only get some smashing drapes...

So I had 2 different pitchers on my floating shelves, and we've been switching back and forth. Since I took this picture however I have decided to stick to the one on the right. You like?

This is my FAVORITE new addition to our living room. I've seen this frame all over tv and I was lucky enough to snag one from IKEA. I love it's versatility. I've used it for a cork board, and now it's a stellar statement piece on our wall.

This is one of the funnest things to photograph :)

One of Will's family friends MADE this for us as a wedding gift. We finally got it on the wall! She took all the pictures herself :) It's such a unique way to showcase the Shoemaker name.

Pottery Barn hooks that I happen to adore. Yay for gift cards!

And now we reach the office on your right! (keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.)

Another IKEA find. My first furniture purchase from a few years ago.

la-la-love this Hobby Lobby mirror. Matches the frame in the living room!

Now you will see the bedroom on your right. We're walking, we're walking....

My funny way of storing my headbands :P

We got this amazing vintage dresser from Will's uncle. Fits right in with our theme!!

My perfumes the SHOE SHRINE!!!

I married into the perfect name, right? ;)

My insane collection of necklaces.. I may or may not have a jewelry addiction.

I may or may not also have a ring/shoe addiction.
Alrighty folks, this concludes the Shoemaker tour for now. I will put up more pictures of our humble abode eventually :) Hope you've enjoyed your time on Houseofshoes Tours!!
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Randi said...

Wow Sara I love everything! :) I love all your furniture and the theme itself, and of course all your shoes and jewelery! You are very talented. I have an idea of what you should major in...interior or fashion design!

Faith Peacock said...

WOW! Is what I literally said when I saw the pics of your shoes. That's an awesome collection. I showed Jared cause he use to think I had a lot of shoes. Your place is so cute. Can't wait to see more.

John said...

Wow, I really like your camera work! You do, by the way, have a serious Shoe problem! How many pairs of shoes does one person need? I think 4 max (Sunday, Running, Hiking, Hanging around).

Barbie said...

love it, it makes me laugh and smile!

Stargirl said...

I love the "shoemakers" photo thing - I want one when I get married! Ingenious to put the mirrors in that frame - seriously cannot get over that!! I love the Shoe Shrine!! And I love you!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I love the lighting in that first photo and the way those two big pictures balance each other on each side of the couch.
Love, love, love the graduated mirrors in your Ikea one. Brilliant!!
I also loved all the awesome angles you shot in your office. So creative.
And...the perfume shots...Sooooo dreamy!
The shoe pics made me clap with glee. Super FUN! What a great Post with great photography!!!

SarahBethLawlor said...

I do actually prefer the pitcher on the right. And I can honestly say I wasn't shocked when I saw your shoe and necklace collection. All the talks about shopping we've had? If anything I understand your addiction to adorable accessories :P lol Oh and your decorating skills are superb! I love your home! :D

Jessi and Brad said...

I love your apartment!! Shoe shrine! <3 I need to see this in person it looks amazing! Great job taking all those pictures too, they looked fantastic! What do you hang your necklaces on? I need something like that!

Emily P. said...

This is all just too fabulous for words! I have to admit that i think I like the picture without the pitcher better. The photography, the lighting, the cuteness, the mirrors, the shoes and jewelry...I love it all! It makes me miss my Sara Jane! Hugs and love to you! :)

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Um, WOW! I love your house Sara, it is very YOU. And holy cow, the SHOE SHRINE. I hope to someday have that many shoes.