Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter in Idaho

So my mood was starting to match the weather outside-which was gloomy. Then I decided to change my attitude and see the beauty in the winters here. If you open your eyes, there is so much artistry around. I've never lived in a place where there are actually 4 seasons-so this is an exciting change for me! All of these pictures were from the area surrounding our apartment complex :) Hope you enjoy the exquisite winter as I see it through my lens!

I was standing right outside my front door when I took this picture. I love seeing the temple every time I go outside!

A little ice cream treat for me and the husband after dinner :)

I loved these cute little red berries!

I recently tackled my mom's famous Chicken Pot Pie recipe for a dinner with some friends. It was a total success!!! One of the favorite dishes of my childhood.

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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Exquisite is the perfect word for these beautiful photos. I loooove all the red berry ones. And that amazing blue sky behind the Temple...Wow!!!
I did the "happy dance" (in my mind of course) when I saw how beautiful your chicken dish turned out. You've made your mama proud. But then you always do. : )
Love you,

Jay and Kay said...

wow! You're a great photographer! The pic of the temple looked fake! I miss Idaho's beauty, just not the cold. lol

Jessi and Brad said...

These pictures of fabulous!! Great Job!!

Cami said...

Nice pictures Sara! And I'm loving your blog, it is so cute. Mine is private, but if you would like an invite, just send me your email address in a facebook message. :)

Love you cute cousin!

Emily P. said...

Sara, I love your choice to have a good attitude! Your pictures are amazing! It looks a little too cold for my taste, but there is beauty to found everywhere, I suppose. Love you and miss you tons!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness I adore those darling red berries! And I dragged some of your pictures onto my desktop to keep because they are so gorgeous! And your mother's chicken pot pie looks absolutely mouthwatering- you little homemaker you!

Randi said...

These are absolutely STUNNING winter pictures! I love them! It looks so gorgeous there.