Monday, January 24, 2011

Hollywood Make-Unders

So this isn't the "cutest" of posts, but this is something I feel strongly about. With so many young hopefuls trying to 'make it big in Hollywood', it may look fun but I don't think enough of them realize just how much fame can ruin one's life. It appears thrilling and exciting on the outside, but most celebrities do not lead the happiest of lives. An overwhelming amount of celebs end up with drug addictions, alcohol problems, or abusive relationships. I believe that, when not handled with maturity, fame works like a poison. Turning even the most innocent of children into hollow shells of who they once were, controlled by what seems popular. 

Now I understand I probably sound really over-dramatic. I just want to get the message out there that fame and fortune do not always lead to happiness. It truly breaks my heart to see what has become of so many "America's Sweethearts".  Granted, this isn't the case with every celebrity. But here are a few examples I found of shocking "Befores and Afters".

The most shocking change, I think. Lady Gaga is a very lost person now.

Rihanna. Look at the light shining in her eyes before. Her countenance is very dead after.

I assume most of you have heard of the reality show "The Hills". This once-sweet girl is hardly recognizable after her plastic surgery. She was so pretty before.

This collage is more of a metaphor. Notice the difference of the friends on the left, they look so happy and pure. The friends on the right-from "Sex and the City"-don't have anything pure about them.

Here is more of Rihanna. She seemed so happy before and now just follows the whims of what seems popular.

One of the most upsetting transformations. I saw this coming a mile away even when others did not believe me. America has watched Miley Cyrus grow up, and it has proved disheartening. I feel like she could not resist the pressure to be what Hollywood considers sexy. :(

Lindsey Lohan is another upsetting before and after. I grew up watching Parent Trap-it is one of my favorite movies and I thought she was adorable in it. Since then she has been in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and prison incarcerations. Does she look happy to you in any of the pictures on the right?

I remember how Cute the character "Elliot" was when the show Scrubs started. As the show progressed it was very apparent how much they changed her appearance to be sexier.

Ok this is the transformation that upsets me the Very most. The Olsen twins are almost unrecognizable now. They were the cutest babies in Hollywood on Full House, and now they've suffered through anorexia, drugs, and alcohol problems. They are such beautiful girls, I hate to see them so changed.

Dakota Fanning. Another of America's Sweethearts. I believe it is just impossible to be so largely famous and rich without some of it going to their heads; making them give in to the pressure to be like everyone else who's famous. She used to be SO adorable!!!
The biggest, most widely known Hollywood breakdown. I believe it all becomes too much for one person to handle without cracking. I really feel bad for Britney.

I found this collage pre-made online so I couldn't switch it but you still get the idea. This is barely the same person anymore.


Well I hope I didn't disgust anyone with these photos, but I wanted to make an important point. Even though the thought of being rich and famous seems glamorous and wonderful, it is not always so. There are some celebrities that handle the fame brilliantly, and I applaud them. But someone has to ask, when is enough Enough?? Hollywood has claimed too many lives to drugs and other similar addictions, i.e. Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Brittany Murphy. When everyone keeps taking a piece of you to make their dime from your fame, what is left?? I just hope others see these sad examples, and think twice before trying to join the Hollywood game. Like everything in life, use moderation in all your choices. :)
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Emily P. said...

I was just thinking about this today! Check out this video called recapturing beauty by Nie Nie. You are beautiful, sis!

Jared and Faith Peacock said...

I can't believe that is lady gaga!!! She was so pretty. WAS... So, I love this post because I I usually don't get into actors lives because they are liberal or whatever, but when you see them grow up like the Olsen twins and stuff it's truly sad! Another I would've used is John Heder. Or however you spell his name.

Jay and Kay said...

I totally agree! It's soo sad, and there's plenty more where this is concerned. :(

kristine said...

Hey girl hey! I'm so glad you have a blog! This was such a sad (and true) post. I think the two that made me the saddest were Rihanna and Heidi. They were really such beautiful girls.