Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Belated Look at Our Christmas

Well I know this is pretty late, but since I did not start my blog till after Christmas, I felt jipped out of doing a Christmas post! So here is a little glimpse of my Christmas this past year. I went home for a week and some of these lovely decorations are my mom's :)

We went to some cute boutiques while I was there, and the tree on the left is one of the decorations in the store. The blue trees with reindeer is my mom's.

I made a little table centerpiece at our apartment out of ornaments and our Pottery Barn vase :)

Some of our little ornaments on our little tree. All from Dollar Tree.

Our first tree!!! The majority of all the decorations were from the dollar store/Walgreens :)

My mom's stellar tree arrangement.

Once again, Dollar Tree!

Can you spot me in the picture? ;)

Starbucks' "Peppermint Hot Cocoa" is a Christmastime MUST.

One of my mom's other Amazing decorations! I hope my home can look like hers one day.

S for Sara, and W for William! (thanks mom)

I love this view of our tree :) It was so sad to take it down!

Another boutique all decked out.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas everyone!
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Brittany said...

You should have just left the tree up. Anything that gorgeous deserves more than a few weeks on display.

Sara Shoemaker said...

Yeah we left it up a little longer than most up here :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

You hit another home run with this Post and your amazing photography and editing. I LOVE your Blog!!! It's so fun come over here. : )

Emily P. said...

How fun! The pictures are all beautiful!!! (as are you!) HUGS!

Sandy said...

I had to come over from your Mom's blog and say hello! Your home is already cozy and wonderful, and you are on your way to your "style"....which is great!!!!! I hope your first Christmas as a married couple was wonderful! Sandy