Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Fashion Diary

So I have started keeping a 'fashion diary' of every day. Why, you ask? Gives me something to do and I enjoy putting different pieces together and thinking up new combinations :)

  • white dress: Ross (altered by my mom)
  • checkered shirt: DI; military jacket: Wet Seal on clearance
  • grey cardigan: Downeast Basics; belt: Target; skirt: Goodwill
  • black dress: Target; skirt underneath: Forever 21


Shoes: Namebrand Exchange

  • hat: Forever 21
  • scarf: out of family dress-up box!
  • shirt: target
  • belt: Downeast Basics ($1!)
  • black lace shirt: Charlotte Russe

  • Jacket: DI
  • scarf: gift
  • belt: Downeast Basics

  • mustard shirt: XXI/Forever 21
  • necklace: Forever 21
  • dress: altered from Ross
  • belt: Goodwill

  • ruffle shirt: Walmart
  • belt: Target
  • purse: don't remember...

  • sweater: Plato's Closet (orig. from Hollister)
  • sequin tank: Target?..
  • cream drape tank: Agaci

  • dress w/ belt: Nordstrom's
  • shrug: Target

  • Lace shirt: Forever 21
  • polka dot cardigan: Target
  • belt: Downeast Basics
  • necklace: Forever 21

  • brown blazer: Forever 21; yellow shirt: Ross; pants: XI; shoes: DI
  • checkered shirt: DI; pants: XI
  • military style jacket: Wet Seal; skirt: DI
  • jean jacket: Ross; hoodie: Ross?; t-shirt: Old Navy; jeans: XXI; boots: ebay

  • striped blazer(favorite): Target
  • sun pin: antique store
  • scarf: dress up box
  • teal tank: Agaci

  • blazer: Forever 21
  • owl necklace: Forever 21
  • belt: Goodwill ($1)

  • hat: Forever 21
  • necklace: Designer Blvd.
  • sweater: The Gap
  • belt: Target

  • 1st outfit: already described above
  • black dress: handmade by me with help from mom :)
  • brown shirt: target; belt: target; skirt: DI!; boots: Idaho Falls mall
  • military jacket: Wet Seal (black friday); t-shirt: American Eagle; jeans: Walmart

  • patterned tights:
  • boots: Walmart

  • grey dress: XI
  • lace shirt: Charlotte Russe
  • scarf: Old Navy

  • Audrey Hepburn style jacket: Agaci???
  • sequin tank: Marshalls
  • scarf: Old Navy
  • pants: can't remember

Necklace: Blossoms ( Downtown Mesa)

Shoes: DI-great find!!!

shirt: Ross

  • (one of my favorites)
  • blazer: Target
  • belt: Target
  • pencil skirt: Agaci
  • shoes: Idaho Falls mall

  • lace shirt: Charlotte Russe
  • pink belt: hand-me-down from my sister (orig from New York & Company)
  • skirt: hand-me-down from my sister
  • shoes: Sheiks

  • blue and white striped cardigan: American Eagle
  • mustard shirt: Forever 21
  • belt: Goodwill
  • pants: Designer Blvd.

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Joanna said...

Girl, you need to give me lessons. Love every outfit you put together. Beautiful!

Jared and Faith Peacock said...

I'm so excited you started a blog and I LOVE the name!!! You are so cute and I love your style! You make sure Will compliments you. Welcome to the family and blog world!

Emily P. said...

So stinkin' cute, Sara Jane! I was trying to figure out which one is my favorite, but I loved them all! However, I especially loved the last one with the gray cardigan and khaki skirt, and the one with the black pencil skirt, stripped jacket and black belt, and let's not forget to mention the FABULOUS heals you wore with both of those outfits! So fun!

Brittany said...

You have such great style.

I miss being able to borrow your clothes.

ashley in wonderland said...

i want that black and white checked shirt so so so soso sos oso sos oso sssososososo bad! so bad that my fingers just went bazerk and typed "so" in all sorts of wrong order. darling.

Teddi said...

soooooo many outfits. sooooo much fun. i like the way you mix texture. :)