Saturday, June 8, 2013

Really Old Photos

Dear Fashion Diary,

Here's yet another example of how behind I am at getting stuff up online... 
This was from my birthday... November.....
Clearly I need a new system here, none of my posts are in order!
The good news is I'm slowly chipping away at my list! 
Better late than never I suppose.

Anyway- unfortunately we had to fit in some outfit pictures at night, otherwise known as 
the kiss of death for a fashion blogger. 
But here's a few shots anyway! I loved the vintage vibe I was feelin 
with the 1969 line of Gap jeans and the trench. This is 
another example of a photo that's very similar to some photos of my mom. 
I was so born in the wrong era! 
So we ended up driving around Phoenix for once, I loved it! We went to this 
ADORABLE old soda fountain place that doubles as a vintage clothing boutique!
{I was in heaven} Then we went to this amazing outdoor mall with 
an actual Jcrew. This mall even does Movie Under the Stars nights outside!
Overall it was a great night :)

Trench:F21//Jeans:Gap//Top:Old Navy//Necklace:Charlotte Russe

We had a blast. It was such a great birthday!

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Brooklyn McKenna said...

What an adorable little place! And you look amazing, great outfit!

Rebecca said...

Happy late birthday dear!:D

Melodee said...

ah! cute pix of you and the honey! love the gingham shirt and teal necklace, adorable:)

Maiken said...

I can totally see you two had a blast and how cool are those places. amazing decorations and atmosphere! and those drinks made me hungry, haha. I also like all the bright happy colours you're wearing here. perfect vibe for a birthday!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Taylor Hart said...

Cuteness! I love your jeans with the top! Looks like you guys had fun.