Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Going Riding

Dear Fashion Diary,

I feel like this is an outfit one would wear to go horseback riding.
Don't you wish we still lived in a society where
things like horseback riding, croquet, and garden parties were normal social activities??
Maybe I've just been watching too much Downton Abbey, but I 
think that would be Awesome. What happened to dressing up to go out, am I right?
Now I see people in pj's and slippers at the movie theater! 
Let's start a dressing-up campaign ladies! Who's with me! ;)
Maybe I'll even host my own Garden Party this summer..... 

Remember this blazer from the boy's section at Walmart from my other posts? Apparently I have a thing for menswear.

Blazer:Boys section Walmart//Top/Necklace:F21//Pants:Charlotte Russe//Boots:Cathy Jean//Watch:Charming Charlie//Arrow bracelet:Lulu's

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Naomi said...

Cute cute! I didn't notice your post title until afterwards when I thought, she looks like she's going horseback riding! haha! Oh and I love Downton!!

The Occasional Indulgence

Angela said...

I love the blazer paired with the peter pan collar.
Method Clothe

Rylee Kettner said...

I loooooooove the top with the polka dot accents! I just bought my first blazer a few weeks ago, and I love putting together outfits for it!

Alexandra Marie said...

I'm totally with you! I'll dress up for just about anything- even the grocery store haha. But I agree, women used to make such a fuss about dressing nicely for things- now we put hardly any effort in at all :-(

Emily said...

You are such a woman after my own heart. If you only saw my bucket list, garden party is definitely on it! Love your cute "horseback riding" look.

SincerelySammie said...

I adore this riding outfit! Especially that you paired a polka dot peter pan collar with it!

Johanna V said...

Nice look, I love those boots! And that color combo is gorgeous as always :) ♥

My name is Rita said...

Love this look! I am with you, I dress up whenever I go anywhere. We are ladies, we need to take care of our appearance. Oh, and yeah, I want to throw a garden party to. Maybe this summer.

NickSmithlove said...

women outerwear sale dress up for just about anything- even the grocery store haha.

Sherry said...

I totally agree with you, how fun would that be. LOVE this outfit on you. So cute! :-) Riding boots are my all time favorite shoe. I only have a small window of opportunity to wear them here on the island:(
Thanks so much for linking up this week:)

Wuboyuan Lv said...

Now I see people in pj's and slippers at the movie theater!
Let's start a Sexy Short Dresses campaign ladies! Who's with me!