Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrift Shop

Dear Fashion Diary,

This sweater is another Goodwill success story. Those lovely thrift shops never let me down. Speaking of thrift shops... have you all heard that song
"Thrift Shop" yet?? Oh my it is hilarious.
Make sure you hear the edited version though....Anyway, it's put out by 
this guy and his friends-not even with a record label, and it got on the radio!
It's all about buying used clothes at places like Goodwill. 
As a fellow thrifter it speaks to me! haha and the video is even funnier. 

I think this combo will forever be a favorite of mine. One can never go wrong with 
stripes, polkadots, and pastel skinnies! Layering is the bee's knees.
I'm going to miss it when Winter officially leaves us. 

 Sweater:Thrifted(old navy)//Top:F21//Pants/Neckace:Charlotte Russe//Flats:Payless

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Object of Maya*ffection said...

SO cute!! LOVE the pattern mixing!!

shooting star said...

you look great...and as always combine polka dots and stripes awesomly well!!

Maiken said...

layering indeed is awesome and actually you can layer while other seasons too but just use light items instead of the warmer ones ;) anyway, I love stripes, polka dots and mint too so what a gorgeous outfit that is! haha, and that song, yeah, it's totally brilliant!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Keep Calm and Decorate said...

I love your thrift shop find. Goodwill is a place I visit quite a bit (especially on 50% off days). I also love how you layered the sweater with the polka dots.

Katie said...

love the color of those pants! and your layers are adorable! I wish I could find cute things at thrift stores!

McKenna Bleu said...

How fun is this! Happy Vday love, hope you have a fab day!

Rachel said...

I think you have to have the right kind of thrift stores, though. Where I live, people don't get rid of anything till it's completely old and ratty--but people like you make me think that maybe, someday, I'll find a shop with some great pieces!

Traci Little said...

I love your necklace and your thrifted sweater great job!

Here's my outfits for this week:

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Ha, i love that song. I play it on repeat, it has such a good beat! Oh, did you see what I just did there ;) Well I love your outfit, and am still in the market for mint skinnies. These fit you so nicely!

mish berries said...

I really love that pants! I like the fact that you are always so colourful and happy <3 Cheers my day up as well ^^


Shell KittyAndBuck said...

Ooh, I love the sweater and shirt combo... Especially with your mint jeans! I'm following along from WIWW :)
Kitty & Buck

Carrie said...

Haha! I just did a post on one of my thrift store finds!
I'm in love with your pants and need a pair that colour!

Style in the City

kateprs said...

Yep. It's official. I love everything about this outfit. :)

Kate @ A Journey in Style

Julie said...

Favorite. Outfit. Ever.