Monday, June 11, 2012

Lady In Red {And Blue....}

Dear Fashion Diary,

I must apologize in advance for the crappy mirror photos..This is what 
happens when my professional photographer I like to 
call Husband isn't around and Sara doesn't feel like setting up the ol' tripod..

Another thrifted miracle! I about died when I saw this jacket, with it's adorable
little nautical anchor buttons. 
I feel like it's something Mary Tyler Moore would wear. 
I'm gonna make it after all! ;)
As for this lace crop top, I was overjoyed when I snagged the Last one
of these at TJ Maxx. It's funny cause I had my eye on literally 
the identical top I found online for $70.
See?? Same one!

Coat: Thrifted {D.I.} {similar}
Jeans: Gap sale {Similar from Gap}
Blue blouse: JC Penney
Lace top: TJ Maxx {similar }
Belt: Forever 21 online

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Brad said...

I LOVE that jacket, the anchors on it are so cute!! -Jessi

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

I would literally DIE for that jacket, sooooooo cute!! And what a steal on that lace top, love the entire outfit!

Melodee said...

always soooo cute!!!! love the lace top over the long sleeved one:)

Annie said...

Can I say that I just LOVE your style! Seriously...those jeans, that red jacket, the lace gorgeous :)

The Other Side of Gray

Maiken said...

oh wow, what a find!! :O I'm in love with it too :D and you totally rock all those perfect layers. it's just fabulous! the lace crop top is gorgeous too :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Shalyn said...

You lucky girl- that jacket is amazing and I have no words for how cute the lace top is!

beckaboots said...

Love the jeans. It's always great too when you find a shirt that is sooo much cheaper and better haha :) love it!


Kat said...

this is such a gorgeous look! i absolutely love that blazer! so chic :D

LaynahRose said...

First of all I think it's so cute that your photographer is your husband... second of all I love that blazer and that INCREDIBLE shirt. Ugh

Valeria said...

I like your style and your blog is adorable!!! check mine we could follow on GFC and Bloglovin!!! xoxo

ylenia said...

That red blazer is absolutely perfect!! And it's really nice worn with mint green =)

Imogen said...

That's a lovely blazer and it goes so well with the colour of the top you are wearing underneaht.

Nikki said...

I absolutely LOVE that jacket. The colour, the cut, the buttons... It's perfect! I can hardly believe it's thrifted! x

Emma Frances said...

That red coat is gorgeous and I LOVE the lace top! You always layer your lace so perfectly!

maxime said...

You are so lucky that you look well with lace! I absolutely love lace but it just doesn't look good on me! thanks by the way for visiting my blog! I find it very cool when a cool blogger visits me ^^ so thank you for that! have a lovely week!

SittinPrettyWithSarahG said...

The anchors are a lovely touch. It all looks so good together! Blue and red are my favs to wear together.