Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whimsical Lace.

Dear Fashion Diary,

{ahem...just ignore the hamper there....}

I found this geometric skirt at the thrift store along with some other fun finds!

And this top is a new addition to my wardrobe from a blogger's etsy shop!
{link at the end of this post}

Kinda think this skirt makes me look fat....opinions?

Notice the detailing on this top. It makes me feel so delicate and whimsical
when I wear it. Like it's a true antique.
And I could wear it in so many ways!!! Versatility is important to me.

These photos are pretty old...I can't wait to get all the old apartment shots out of the way!!
Almost there!
Oh and on a side note, a Huge thank you to all of your sweet anniversary wishes!
We went to see The Help, then went out to a Delish steakhouse.
We got all dressed up and he got me roses, it was such a fun night!
Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

  • see-through top: Melissa's Etsy shop
  • pink shiny-thread top: Gap
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • necklace: Downeast Basics
  • lace t-shirt underneath: Charlotte Russe
  • skirt: thrifted
  • shoes: Charlotte Russe

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Gentri said...

You could never look fat. Seriously. :) I love that top. I've recently decided to start buying clothing from etsy.

Bri said...
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Bri said...

i love your skirt and no you do not look fat...not even a little bit haha. your etsy shirt is dreamy! i love the little details!

Jessi and Brad said...

Personally I love the skirt! So unique and I thought it made you look more lean and slender. Like an allusion it extended your legs. Love the pictures outside of your apartment too, they look so clear and pristine! I miss you!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

LOVE the lace top and that necklace! so perfect!!!
xo TJ

Emma Frances said...

Such an adorable outfit! I love the skirt pattern! {I found some fabric kind of like it and made a skirt out of it!} Also, I want that shirt! Heading over to check out the etsy shop!!

Nikki said...

Such a pretty top :) to me its lso very important that my clothes are versatile akak can be worn in at least 2 ways. x

Complicated3 said...

nice photo :)

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

What great thrifting finds! Nice :)

Angela said...

You are so tiny nothing could make you look fat girly!

Method Clothe

indie by heart said...

:) Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment behind!

Feel free to stop by anytime again, maybe take part in my giveaway! ^^

Love the top,cute personal look! + gorgeous statement necklace.:>

xx indie by heart

Maiken said...

my favourites are your new beautiful shirt, those pumps and also that belt. oh, and what are you talking about looking fat? no way! :)

beckaboots said...

I don't think there is any way in which you could look fat EVER. Ok? Ok! Hahaha. Love the light top. So delicate and classy.


ylenia said...

Lovely outfit, I like your necklace!

Sharda Sewdien said...

wow, you look great!Love the complete look. The shoes and that beautiful skirt are my favorites.;)

Don't Think Twice said...

nice long skirrrrrrrrt^^

xoxo dear! ^^

Rachel said...

you have the best style!! And I love those shoes,andddd you could NEVER look fat! (:

cryskay said...

i love your skirt! the pattern reminds me of dvf/tory burch! xx

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Fat? I don't think so! You look the same to me :)
I like the print on the skirt... very fun and quirky! And i love how you added some bling with that necklace. I always try but end up taking it off 'coz i feel i look 'too blingly'. Did that make sense?

Anyway you look great! :)

Stevia said...

Happy one year anniv!
Hope for many happy years to come for you and your hubby and your future children :)

your top is adorable!
love how you add the necklace


Along Abbey Road said...

You are so cute! And your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower :)

Would love for you to stop by and say hi at my blog! Be sure to check out my super fun $25 gift card giveaway too!

Along Abbey Road

Mannequins Dream said...

you're necklace is fabulous! :D Xx

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

looks like some fabulous finds!
If only I were that lucky when looking at thrift stores! I never find clothes :(

& holy heck, you look so skinny! (but not in a gross way!)