Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something Old.

So...these outfits are really old, from before the move.
I wasn't going to post them but I thought,
eh why not. Get them out of the way. 
I have about 10 posts just waiting to get up on the internet!
So be prepared to see something old new about every day on this blog o' mine.

  • blazer: little boys section @Walmart
  • striped tank: really old...
  • flares: Gap sale
  • boat flats: Payless
  • purse: Fossil c/o Dillard's
  • sunnies: Rue 21

This is what I wore to a night out to dinner with hubby!

  • blazer: thrifted
  • lace top: Charlotte Russe
  • flower pin: Jo-Ann
  • striped pants: Forever 21
  • shoes: Ross
  • birdcage necklace: Claire's {whaaaa?}

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Maiken said...

seems like you're also a big fan of blazers.. me too ;)
and I like that white lace top so much and also your birdcage-necklace :)

Raji said...

Gorgeous outfits!
I love those flares, they look incredible on you
You've such a great eye for detail

Ana Paula said...

I love your outfits! I love the blue blazer. Really cute.

I really like how you dress, in general. :) Can I have your clothes? :P

Courtney B said...

Love that first outfit.. sooo hot on you! (I say that in a totally non creepy way.. promise!)

Alexis Kaye said...

I totally DON'T have your talent putting together outfits :) You're awesome!

Cee said...

Ten posts just ready to go? I'm so envious, I'm never even close to that far ahead! I love both of the looks in this post, but especially the first one- all of the nautical elements are just perfect, especially the accessories. I adore your gold boat shoes!

Emma Frances said...

I love love love the blazers in both outfits! I need to go get myself some blazers. I totally used to steal my little brother's blazer all the time. Yay for the little boys' section! Your outfits are ALL adorable!

Monica and Whitney said...

I lovvvve blazers. And I lovvveee these looks.

Ask the Duplex

ylenia said...

Love the fitting of your jeans in the first outfit and the lace top matching with the jacket in the second one!

Chelsea said...

Little boys section at Walmart!? Genius. I love these looks. You are such a pretty person.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Blazer, flares, and lace? I wish you were my big sister and we could raid each other's closets. Take care!