Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dorothy's Shoes.

Dearest Fashion Diary,

 Click your heels 3 times and meet the latest addition to my little shoe family.
Aren't they adorable?!
When I saw these little flats sparkling at me from the Payless shelves,
I grabbed them up at once and fought the urge to
RUN to the cash register.

You see, I have a history with flats like these. I've seen
the Steve Madden version at Dillard's {pictured to your left} and have had my eye on them for quite some time. One problem, they were $39.99 ON SALE. A little much for just flats, yes? I shudder to think what the full price was.
I'm like a raccoon, I see something sparkly and I jump at it. So right when I had given up all hope of bringing my sparkly shoe'd dreams to life, I spotted the almost Identical flats at Payless for half the price. I couldn't believe it!
Thus proving my blog motto correct: 
When you see something cute but terribly expensive, you can always find almost the Same thing for cheaper somewhere Else! :)

the colors of this outfit just made me happy to wear :)

Loving my new Revlon mint/aqua nail polish!

I also need to add that I took inspiration for this outfit from Girl and Closet's outfit.
She always has cute outfits on!!!

  • polka-dot top:thrifted
  • lace shirt: Charlotte Russe sale
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • skinnies: Forever 21 online
  • shoes: Payless
  • watch: Charming Charlie
  • camera necklace: gift

    PS! Don't miss my guest post over Here!!!at 'Momma Go Round' :)
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That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I recognized that belt--I used to work at Wet Seal! I love the sparkly shoes; I agree, it's easy to find "cheap chic" in similar designs, if not out right knockoffs. Gotta love fast-fashion!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I am a sparkly shoe fan myself, though I always thought of myself as a magpie. But raccoon works too.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge


aww, hey Sara, thanks so much for the shout out and your super sweet comment. I'm loving your interpretation of the outfit, the layered tops look fantastic together, and I adore the belt -of course. ;-) Hope your day is a fantastic one. xo veronika

Emma Frances said...

LOVE your outfit. LOVE your shoes. LOVE your watch. LOVE your nailpolish {I have the same kind!}. And completely agree with you motto! :]

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I love the shoes! I have two pairs of sparkly flats and I wear them ALL THE TIME. Very cute :)

Gentri said...

Love this outfit! And awesome find on the shoes!! :D It's so true about finding a cheaper version. Sometimes I still splurge, but I usually try and find a substitute. :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

haha.. yes ill remember that motto! I love it when you find something similar for a cheaper price... its like fate! :P

Looking good.. I love the pics!

beckaboots said...

I'm loving your nail polish too! I'm way into nails right now for some reason. Haha. Yay for the flats for cheap. That always feels good!


Stevia said...

I love your watch :)


Rachel said...

I have some in ruby red! I found them in the little girl's shoes at Walmart. I agree, that's too much for flats.

Twenty Somethings said...

i LOVE those shoes. I've been looking for these babies everywhere!

i so envy you right now :)


Maiken said...

I always love your outfits and same is now. such beautiful combination of lace and polka dots! I really like it :P and your new shoes are certainly pretty!

Victoria said...

Love the pop of colour! That neon watch is wonderful!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Aw, you got them to sparkle in the photos. They're SO CUTE!!!!!!
Love the outfit too. Just adorable!
You'll have to swing by. I used the Halloween fabric I bought in IF to make some new pumpkins. : )

ashley.warner said...

everything is cuter when its CHEAPER :) hehe hope you're doing well!
love the outfit!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE those. I saw a link on Pinterest about how to make glitter flats. Definitely going to do it, now.

You are always so cute, Sara! I love the outfit, as always.

shooting star said...

those flats are pretty!!!!!!

and love your bag...and yes ur right......there's always the same thing available in lesser price!!!
its been my experience quite a few times!!!

Sharda Sewdien said...

Hey Sarah! You look great. The sparkling shoes are very beautiful and I absolutely love your turquoise watch as well as your turquoise naipolish, your cool necklace and your pretty cute outfit. Really love how you combined everything.;)

Megan Joy said...

Footwear that sparkles is the best. Adorable watch - it makes perfect wrist decoration.

Katerina Kosterina said...

You have a wonderful sense of style!! I looked through your blog - you're making so interesting outfits combining different textures and colors!Pleasant to look!