Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Lake Trip {Part 2!}

Welcome to Part Deux of our trip to Lake Powell!
Buckle up for a plethora of pictures.

Rainbow Bridge is perhaps the most defining part of Lake Powell. It is completely nature-made and considered sacred to Native Americans. People usually are Never allowed to walk under it to the other side, but we got to do it! It was awesome.

Here we are directly UNDER the bridge!
Family of models.

Aren't they cute. They were swimming in little packs right around our feet!

Then we visited the Glen Canyon Dam. So massive and awe-inspiring!

Such an amazing feat to build. The video on its history was incredible!

I personally loved our trip to the canyons the best. I loved just cruisin in the boat and snaking through the narrow passageways.

Look how extremely Reflective and glassy the water is!

My adorable S.I.L. Laura :)

We brought an umbrella and fun sand tools to play at the beaches!

Sunsets on the water are magnificent.


It wouldn't be a lake trip without cliff jumping! {ok...small rock jumping..}

They were all supposed to go at once but Kevin and Mark faked em out! Psych!

I just had to zoom in and show you my F.I.L.'s {father in law's} face. hahaha

Fun in the sand!!!

me and hubby!

Had to throw in some cheesiness... :)

Ok so we stumbled on this Uhhhh-mazzzing little canyon all hidden away,
and this was the actual water color. It was so clear you could see your toes!
We named it Shoemaker Canyon haha.
It was almost magical! Such beautiful water.

All the huge houseboats! Almost every single one had a slide you could slide down into the water!

The boat that made it all possible! {I took this pic through a window and just realized you can see how dirty the window is...oops}

Well there you have it! This concludes the documentation 
of our lake trip. Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh and um...I couldn't resist one tiny outfit post in here. 
I was dressed in 'nautical attire' since 
it was a boat trip so I HAD to include it! :P

  • dress: Ross
  • cardigan: AE
  • belt,purse,shoes: thrifted

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jess said...

It looks like a great day.

beckaboots said...

So fun! And so cute. I love the nautical theme. So summery and light.


Megan and Justin said...

very cute pictures! love them all!!!!! looks like fun :)

Gentri said...

Oh I love your outfit!! :) so cute! And it looks like you had such a fun time! Lake Powell is amazing!

Maiken said...

your outfit is gorgeous!! and I guess I don't even have to say (but I'll do it anyway :D) how beautiful the photos are. I hope I'll see at least some of these places by myself..

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

These photos are fantastic!!!
Love your outfit!!!

Ewelina said...

wow ! awsome photo :)

Alejandra said...

Aw u have such a cute blog I loved all these pictures!

I follow you now lovely!

Chelsea said...

These pictures are so great. And girl. That last look is one of my favorites you have done! You look awesome!

Alejandra said...

yes... London is sooo amazing! I really miss it! I lived there for a few months!

But the place in your pics looks even better!! where is that?


Mary said...

uauuuuuuuuuuuuu beautiful pictures!!!



Shalyn said...

LOVING your nautical attire! I need more stripes in my life! Glad you had fun.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Boy, I sure enjoyed seeing all these photos. What amazing beauty. so many of them could be sold as Postcards. I'm SO glad you took so many pics to share and so glad you had such a wonderful time!!

Kel said...

What gorgeously vibrant and fun photos. Looks like you had quite a ball!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

being a backstage diva

Sharda Sewdien said...

wow, the pictures look awesome. That bridge is sooo cool. Seems like you all had a blast. Wishing u a wonderful day!!!! XOXO

Isabel.L said...

Beautiful place, great photos and lovely people ! it seems you had so much fun there :)

Anonymous said...

Just smashing!

Cee said...

It looks like this trip was worth waiting 3.5 years for, Lake Powell seems like an absolutely magical place! I can't believe how blue the water is, it's just stunning :)

Cat Girl said...

wow ;) Reallu beatiful pictures :)

Angela said...

Looks amazing and you look smokin hot in that white dress with striped cardi.

Method Clothe

Piksty said...

I love your blog it looks so adventurous and that dress is really cute.
Wanna follow each other?

Brittany said...

Um. May I look ridiculously FOXY in that pic in front of the boat in your white dress. SUPER gorgeous. Love.

Raji said...

What beautiful photographs
This looks like so much fun!