Friday, April 29, 2011

Pretty Layers-(and a 'Celeb' spotting!)

Dearest Fashion Diary,

So I must've spent about 2 hours
putting this outfit together.
I know I should
probably say I was inspired and putting
outfits together is an effortless
whim for me because I Have A Gift!
Sometimes it takes a few(billion) tries to get the outfit just right.

I say the time was well spent!

Wait till you see what party this outfit was FOR!
(answer at the bottom..)
It took a while to get all the 
layers together just right.

Having a lot of clothes to choose from can be a curse you know!

I'm loving this easy hairdo lately. Braids are great!

Ladies-if you haven't noticed,
I made a blog button out of this ^ picture!
Feel free to copy the code and 
add it to your bloggy if ya want ;)
Its right over there and up--->

  • vest: thrifted Bebe c/o Savers
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • necklace/arm cuff: Style Lounge
  • striped shirt: thrifted A&F c/o Goodwill
  • floral shirt: thriftedForever 21 c/o Savers
  • jeans: Forever 21 online
  • shoes: Steve Madden c/o Amazon's what I wore this to! :

I attended the The Daybook party!!! There's Sydney in the middle in that fabulous lace shirt. It was such a fun party! More photos to come :)
It was so cool to meet her in person and talk to her. She is So nice! I even won a cute handmade wallet!

-the celebrity-groupie,
Sara Jane.
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Monica Whitney said...

Fabulous! I need a nice pair of skinnies like those.

Ask the Duplex

Ashley said...

ohh my gosh!!! yesssss I remember!!!! Im in young womens with her! We're both over the mia maids :) hahaha so awesome!!!!!!!

Angela said...

Nice job with layering your tops. I like it. Love the braid too.

Method Clothe

Bon Bon said...

Great outfit! Love the belt and the shoes:-) And such a fun event to get all dressed for! xoxo

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Great layers, Sara Jane!!! And your hair was adorble!!!
I'm heading over to Daybook now.
P.S. I used one of your beautiful photos (from Dec.) as my header for now. : )

Dime Romeo ????? said...

Me gusta ese cinturĂ³n como complemento.muy original. un beso desde Spain. muaaa

Lidiya said...

Great outfit, I love <3 xoxo

Faith Peacock said...

Seriously cute! Gotta love the layers! I wish I had the problem of to many clothes.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

You look amazing! I takes a long time for me to put something together!
love your style and i an LDS Fashionista too! Would love a follow back.

Megan and Justin said...

hey thats me! haha I love that picture. That was a fun night. We should all hang out again. SOON! p.s. love your blog :)

Meagan said...

This is so cute! It takes me forever to put outfits together somedays too. You di a great job with this one even if it took a while!

Anonymous said...

I must say, that belt is pretty darn cute. And I might have to steal your hairdo :)

MissRockwell said...

soooooo....yep, I definitely love all of your outfit. It's too cute and oh so thrifty. I especially love the fact that you mixed patterns and added the belt.

The party appeared to be sooo fun. Syd looks like she would be the coolest chic in America!