Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The "Me" Outfit

Dear Fashion Diary,

So apparently I only post every few months anymore...haha.
Ever since I opened up my Etsy shop, I've been a bit preoccupied stitching to my heart's content! I can't even tell you how much I love embroidery. 
Anyhoo, this was an outfit from a couple sundays ago.
This is one of those outfits where  I felt most like Me! I could wear this all day.
Don't you love those clothes from the moment you put them on, 
you feel very comfortable and most like yourself?  
You could sum me up with sequins and tulle basically. 
{I bleed glitter}

Sequin top: thrifted {Jcrew}>>Tulle skirt: H&M thrifted>>Shoes:Goodwill

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Custom Eshakti Dress Review

Dear Fashion Diary,

You have no idea how excited I am about this post. 
I have been waiting and hoping that eShakti would 
contact me to do a dress review! And it finally happened! 
I've been seeing their amazing custom pieces all over
the blogosphere and wanted one so badly :)

The awesome thing about eShakti is that you can send them your Exact measurements, and they make a dress/skirt tailored to YOU! It's like having
your own tailor. There's nothing like putting on a dress that was literally
made just for you. 

I have really long arms and always have the worst time finding: A) dresses with sleeves, and B) sleeves that are the length I want. eShakti gives you the option under Sizing to specify if you have long arms or short arms! 
It gets really specific, I love it. They make sizes 0-36W!

Here's my favorite part. The website has diagrams of all the different types of necklines you can choose. This is more of a fashion preference  than a sizing issue, which is an added bonus! I am OBSESSED with boatnecks {very Audrey Hepburn, who is my idol}. I was so excited to see that was an option! 
instantly adds that vintage vibe I love.

And who doesn't love a dress with pockets?
 I just love how their sizing options work:
They have 3 easy steps once you choose which item you want. Under step 1 you can choose Standard Size, or Custom size. Under Custom Size, they ask for 8- yes 8-measurements! Then you can give them your height in Step 2, and Step 3 gives you custom Styling options. What's not to love? 

Not everyone fits into a cookie-cutter dress that's manufactured on a conveyor belt in a factory, ya know? We all have different shapes and styles that don't always fit into the US sizing charts. 
Finally! I get a dress long enough for my curiously long torso and legs. Finally! The sleeve length I want. Finally! A boatneck dress!!! I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

(here's the funny part. I chose to have the midi length which I usually love, but when it arrived I realized it was too long for a seersucker dress. So I ended up doing some tailoring of my own by hemming the dress shorter by hand. Kindof ironic since the dress was already tailored to me! Lesson learned!)

Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Goodwill//Belt:Target//Necklace: Lulu's//Chain bracelet:yunikelley

Be sure to check out their FacebookPinterest page, and Twitter 
for sales and shop updates!

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