Monday, April 22, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Dear Fashion Diary,

There's a photo of my mother in an almost identical outfit to this,
that I didn't remember till I finished this post! 
If it were scanned into my computer I would add it in here. She had literally 
almost the Same jeans as these!
I love the feeling of going into the past  and channeling my mother's style 
when I wear these pants.
The collection is even call "1969". I'm all about the vintage!!
It means even more now that she's shown me the photo of her at my age looking 
pretty similar. What items or trends of your mothers/grandmothers do you love to wear??

Sweater:Thrifted//Collared top:old//Jeans:Gap(similar)//Flats:Old Navy//Necklace/Rings:F21//Bracelet:Etsy

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shooting star said...

I havent got the height for these pants but yeah they are awesome!!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I love this outfit! I think it is so cool that pretty much every fashion statement comes back around!

Sam M said...

That's so cool that you wear similar things. I love vintage style clothing, but my vintage style is more 40s and 50s, so my grandmother loves it when I wear vintage dresses.

Happiness Winner said...

I love the sweater!! :) You have an amazing sense of style.

- Sukhi

Maiken said...

hehe, I'm not a writer but it's sweet that you thought so. writing was definitely my thing during school years and I was quite good at it ;) that's probably the reason I'm writing my blog right now.
anyway, I would love to see that photo of your mom! and the layering of your outfit is pretty brilliant. I love it how you've combined that knitwear with a classic shirt.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Ginny said...

What a fun sweater! I love that bottom of it, you look great!

Sherry said...

Loving that sweater!! The whole look is fabulous and vintage. Thanks for linking up, hope you have a great weekend.

Cupcake Couture said...

Love this outfit. Love your blogggg! I'm your newest follower. :)

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Katie said...

that top is SO pretty! and you look so cute in those wide legged pants!

Chestnut Mocha said...

oh wow! That knitted sweater is actually pretty cool with the shirt!

Jessi said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE this girl! That sweater is so freaking cute!! And I love how you layered it. Plus your watch/jewelry is super pretty. Oh, and I wish I looked that good in wide-leg jeans!

Adin B said...

Oh my sweater! I love that crocheted sweater of yours. Absolutely lovely! And you are lovely by the way. I have some few dresses in my closet that always reminds me of my mama when she was younger. She had a lot of photos of her that are now gone due to the flood in our town and how I wish I had copies of all her photos when she was younger. She had this polka dotted blue separates that she looked absolutely beautiful and I wanted it. I asked her about her clothes and she said she gave it away. Ahhhhhh! I about fainted.. LOL! I wanted all of her clothes and I should have told her earlier. I am all about vintage as well.


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
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Jennifer said...

Oh those jeans are lovely! I have a similar pair, bit being very pear shaped makes them look less than ideal. Oh well, they look great on you!