Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Maxi Dress

Dear Fashion Diary,

My dear sister taught me how to make this flower!

 Dress: Ross
Belt: Wet Seal
Gladiators: Thrifted
Necklace: JC Penney
Glasses: {disc. thru my job} Liz Claiborne
Shades:{disc. thru my job} Michael Stars

I finally did it. I bought a maxi dress!
It's hard to find one long enough 
for someone my height but this one is close enough.
I loved the sleeve length and also if you've been following
 my blog even a little bit
you've realized I'm a sucker for anything nautical,
so the blue and white stripes sealed the deal!
It's one of the comfiest things I own and I even wore it to work!

p.s. these are my new glasses! I'll let you in on a little secret though,
I popped the lenses out just to see if I liked the frame
on my face first. Since I am basically blind,
they look quite different with my bad prescription in them now, but I still love them! I'll put up pictures of the completed glasses later :)

Well I hope you're all having a magnificent summer!
Our summer vaca is FINALLY coming up next week and I can hardly WAIT!

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Katie said...

aren't they the best?? I love this one - fits you perfectly!

Ruby Girl said...

this look is SO fab! LOVE the head to toe stripes!! ps- your glasses look awesome! and hey, enjoy your summer vaca next week! xoxo linds

Jessi and Brad said...

Love the maxi dress!! Glasses look super cute too! Where are you guys going for your vaca?

emily said...

I am tall too!! Maybe I need to start shopping at Ross....
also LOVE the necklace!


Elsha Bodily said...

I saw you over at Gentri's blog and when you said you lived in a little vintage house in Idaho I just had to jump over :)

-I'm your newest follower!

shooting star said...

this is one cool maxi dress and you rock it!!!

love the sunglasses, i saw a similar one at vero moda and was wondering whether to buy or not...but your outfit just tipped me in its favor!!

Melodee said...

so cute, as always! love the dress and your hair is super darling in the bun!!!

Maiken said...

firstly, your sunnies and the lip colour are gorgeous, I love both! and what a coincidence! some days ago I thrifted myself a dream maxi dress and I honestly can't wait to wear it somewhere soon :P I also like the way you've combined your striped maxi. it's great! :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Johanna said...

Such a beautiful maxi dress :) I love the way you've styled it, and I must say that it looks really amazing on you :) I couldn't rock a hem that long even if my life depended on it - I'm that short, simply :D xoxo ♥

Janette said...

WOW! This dress looks amazing on you! Great way to pair it with a lovely necklace and belt!

Janette the Jongleur

Sierra said...

I love your blog!! That dress is so cute.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Allison Taylor said...

First maxi dress! Dang girl, you look great! And your new glasses are perfect too. More maxis, please!

dotty said...

congrats on your first maxi dress! i was dubious for a long time until i got my first one and realized that i meant i could basically wear PAJAMAS in public. so yeah, i was sold. anyway, the stripes and sleeves are FANTASTIC on this one...a great first one!

dash dot dotty

Imogen said...

Lovely. This maxi dress really suits you. I'm yet to own a maxi dress but I would like to. I love your hairstyle so much too.

Annie said...

Congrats on your first maxi - it looks fabulous on you! And love the new glasses :)

The Other Side of Gray

Emma Frances said...

LOVE the maxi dress! :) Maxi dresses are seriously the most comfortable thing ever! Especially when you're pregnant! Haha.

carolina. said...

hi honey! i'm in love with your dress! i just found your blog today and i love it so!! please check out my baby blog and if you like it we can follow each other!

see you soon,

ylenia said...

Hey Sara, love this striped dress! It's simply perfect with those golden sandals and you look lovely =)

Amy said...

wow, what a great blog! Newest follower. That maxi is awesome, I love the sleeves/stripes!

Amy said...

wow, what a great blog! Newest follower. That maxi is awesome, I love the sleeves/stripes!

Jumpo London said...

your post show that this is your first maxi dress which you have wear. but no one say that you get first are looking very hot in this is fit you....
Fur Coats

Sharda said...

you look great in your maxi dress! Cool sunnies.;)

Shalyn said...

That dress is so cute and fits you so well!