Monday, May 14, 2012

Pale Vampire.

Dear Fashion Diary,

Remember this post about our vacation in Arizona? Here's another one of
my fashion posts from then as promised!

As mentioned in my other post, these photos were taken behind Joe's Farm Grill.
One of the most fun old-time-America restaurants you'll ever stop by!

This collar underneath my shirt was actually an entire 
shirt from the thrift store that was frankly hideous. 
But I saw the potential in the collar, so I cut up the shirt and now I 
have a collar that can go under just about any top! 
I'm super excited to see what all I can pair it with. 

On a side note, I just noticed how much 
I'm squinting in almost every photo! Apparently my eyes can't handle the slightest bit of sun anymore. Living in Idaho has made me a 
pale vampire that can't handle the glare of the sun as I used to :( 

 So how was everyone's weekend?? I would love to hear your fun tales :)

 top: Gap {old}
collar/skirt: thrifted
flats: Pacsun/ belt: vintage
vintage pin: antique store
necklace/bracelet: Forever 21

Here's my mother and I at Joe's right before lunch! Love you mom!

And one last pic of husband and I to leave you with ;) {sorry for the bad quality}

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Dale JaneƩ said...

great pic of you and your mom and the farm pics are so adorable and cute. I love the country scenery and your skirt with the flower is perfect.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh what sweet memories!!! I got a kick out of your Post title. Time to move back to AZ and get a tan!!!
; )
These pics of you are so darling, sweet pea! I absolutely love that green enamel flower pin. And the idea of just using the collar from an old blouse is genius!
Love your editing job, too! It's so fun to come and visit over here.
Love you tons!!!

Maiken said...

those family photos are definitely the most adorable ones :) and I really like your girly outfit. cute colours, fun patterns - everything's there. oh and the third outfit photo is so cool!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Annie said...

Love the red skirt with the mint belt - so cute!

The Other Side of Gray

Cat Kuehn Designs said...

love the eyeglass necklace -as a fellow four-eyes, i have a similar one :)


PS -handmade scarf giveaway today!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

That collar trick is phenominal!! Great idea. And you always have the cutest skirts, I am so jealous. If you don't mind my asking, where do you get those graphics for your photos?? I love when you add a little birdie here or there, so fun!

Sam said...

Cute title on this post! Your outfit is so charming, I like all the whimsy vintage details that you added.

Imogen said...

This is such a gorgeous and sweet outfit. I love the colours. I especially adore the beautiful skirt.

hautepinkpretty said...

you look adorable!! Love the outfit! Xox <3

ylenia said...

You look so beautiful and happy in these photos!
I have the same necklace in pink =)

Katie said...

what cute pictures - especially the one of you and your mom! love your skirt!! such a happy outfit!!

Teddi said...

sara jane, that photo of you & your mom is positively precious! :) you both look beautiful. such fun photos. when you said pale vampire & idaho, i thought doesn't she mean washington? i like that you transformed the ugly shirt to a cute collar. great vintage inspired outfit.

Fashion Lookbook said...

Love your polka dot skirt.

hello, Friday said...

Awwww! The last photo is just perfect! Super cute! I love your sense of style, too! xoxo

Mary Ann said...

This is so cute Sarah - especially the red dotted skirt paired with the red detail of the blouse collar! Greetings from Atlanta. Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog - a pretty pair of silver earrings. Check it out here! ;-)

Mesmerize said...

wow!! I love your photos - so happy:D you look gorgeous:) amazng skirt:)

Bonnie said...

The very last picture with your husband is beyond adorable. Something about your skirt reminds me of "Mad Men." I like it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

LOVE your skirt lady!

MOSAMUSE said...

great skirt!!

HiFashion said...

That red skirt is so pretty and suits you so well. Love the picture of you and your mum as well. It's so cute.

Ewelina said...

I love the view on your photos ! :) I live in Poland and I want go some day to the USA :)

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

Love your outfit! :)

Anthea Lau said...

Lovely background in the photos, and cute polka dot skirt <3<3
would you like to follow each other?

koko mo said...

LOVE that last picture!!!!! so adorable, and your skirt is adorable!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

OK I am madly in love with this outfit! Oh my gosh it is just THE CUTEST!

lucia m said...

you look so cute!!


aki! said...

The piping (or whatever you call it) on your collar is awesome. It matches so well.