Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween!


This was our first year with a front yard, so we had a lot of fun with decorations! 
I grew up in a home that celebrated and loved Halloween-we always went all Out!
It was so fun to be able to start those traditions in my own home :)

Hubby risking his life to put up spiderwebs! :P

This was the most fun. It was one huge piece of webs that we stretched from one tree to the other!

All decorations from Target. 
{the headstones, little webs, spiders, fence, and skeleton were part of a pack for $20!}

I had alot of fun painting these adorable little pumpkins {yes they're real!} 
It was all free-hand and I got the ideas off some Martha Stewart magazines.
She does the Best Halloween am I right?!

We had a grand plan to be Shoemakers {real ones from back then} 
because of our last name but procrastinated too long and went to plan B, 
which was Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess.

We stayed in and watched the original Psycho and pigged out on sweets. 
We even had a few trick-or-treaters come to our door! Our first time handing out candy!
Not the most eventful Halloween but still a fun one! 

How was your Halloween? Was it spoooooky??
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Gentri said...

LOVE the decor! And is there a newer version of psycho? Not that I would ever watch it, the old one scared me enough. But you said "the original psycho".

Courtney B said...

Loooove your decorations! Your yard looks so fun and festive :)I can't wait until we have a yard to do this kind of stuff!

Emma Frances said...

Your yard looks amazing! How fun!! :) And your pumpkins turned out adorable! I want to paint my pumpkins next year!

Oh my Dior! said...

wow it seems you had a beautiful Halloween!

beckaboots said...

So cute! You still did better than Kendall and I for the costumes. We didn't do any! Haha. But I love the decor and I love the fall leaves everywhere- so pretty!

If Work Permits

Farnsworths Forever said...

Love, love, love, love! I can't wait until I have a yard and can decorate! For my family's party I went as a sheep and Briggs went as a farmer. Both costumes homemade. I'm already trying to plan out what I will be next year!

Megan and Justin said...

you have a front yard??? lucky!! your decorations are awesome.

its simple love said...

Love it! Happy Halloween to you!


Erin said...

Looks awesome! Love your costumes! Dr. Suess would be proud!

Maiken said...

we don't celebrate Halloween in Estonia but it's so fun to go through all your photos.
you just look adorable together :) and I love it how you've decorated the whole thing!

Coco Draws said...

All the fall foilage is amazing! Love how you decorated the pumpkins. :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

HOLY HALLOWEEN!!! You've made your mother PROUD!!!! I absolutely loved the spiderweb job you guys did. And the cemetery-look amongst the leaves was incredible!
I can't stop looking at the web-job you did on the headstone!!
And I also love the photography! I had to save some of them to my files.
WAY TO GO!!!!! :-D

Shalyn said...

Oh, I cannot wait to have a yard so I can attempt to make it look as cute as yours- love your decor! And I must admit, I got a little excited seeing the first pic of your costume- I thought you were going to say you were thing one and the baby in your belly was thing 2. Maybe next year...;-)?

Keep a-Busy Cinderelly said...

Ok, so I definitely got really excited and thought you were pregnant for a second when I saw Thing 2 on your stomach because the first person I ever saw that costume was on a pregnant lady... so that's always my assumption. Whoops! I dressed up as a little girl for a party we went to and everyone thought I was just dressed up in 80s clothes. Such a disappointment. BTW, your decorations are adorable!

DailyGlamour said...

great color

Louderthandrums said...

Love these pic' !

Emily P. said...

oh my gosh! I can't believe how freakin stinkin cute you 2 are. How come you have to live so far away?!?!?! I miss you too too much! You did your sister proud with the Halloween decor. Super job! Love you TONS!