Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Evening in Extravagance

When I got an email from Modcloth asking if I wanted to participate in their Uniquely You campaign, I was beyond thrilled! Basically they asked me to create a clothing ensemble -using Polyvore
around their Evening in Extravagance Dress along 
with some other bloggers like me, and the winning ensemble 
gets featured on their website! 
It was deceptively hard to create an ensemble around this dress, because it is So completely beautiful and gorgeous that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few things that looked good with it! Everything goes with this dress, it's stunning. (And it reaches the knee which is my favorite part!)
Be sure to check out Modcloth's lovely dresses on their website too!
You can find many other similar dresses to this one.

Evening in Extravagance

Evening in Extravagance by sugarplumsara

(I thought this edgy Modcloth blazer would also look good with this dress to add contrast, but alas Polyvore did not have this blazer as an option yet to add to my collage.....)

I wanted to channel the vintage vibe of that vintage lace the dress has, so how could you go wrong with adding a little Audrey Hepburn?! (Don't get me started on my love for Audrey.) I thought the heels went with the vibe, and I added a lace umbrella to add that touch of whimsy ;) 
I could see Audrey running through the shiny, wet streets of Paris on a rainy night- with a stylish umbrella, in this outfit. 
Probably on a date with Gene Kelly or Cary Grant.. 

I'm new to Polyvore so I'm still getting used to this collage thing (took me hours to get it right!) so I'm sure this is a lame collage compared to seasoned Polyvore users...but nonetheless it was fun!
Strapless dress                           

BB Dakota

 Sheer dot tight

Ankle wrap pumps

Vegan purse

Yellow gold earrings


Rhinestone Necklace

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