Friday, January 11, 2013


Dear Fashion Diary,

This is what I wore to Les Miserables with the fam. It's kindof funny when you get all
dressed up to sit in the dark with strangers. 

I don't have to tell you I'm head over heels for Chevron right now. And blue with yellow!
I can't wait to show you my chevron make-over table I painted ;)

Ladies. It finally happened. I got The boots of my dreams.
I've had almost the Exact same ones pinned on my Shoes board for a while now 
and always dreamed of that real leather, buckled, wedge riding boot!
It's all thanks to my fabulous mother-in-law
who chipped in on them for Christmas.
She was sweet enough to take my sister-in-law and I out
to make our boot-dreams come true!
Come to think of it..... she also bought me this shirt!!
AND my mom got me this jacket for my bday. My mom Also chipped in on this purse! I am one blessed girl here.
{I feel like this looks like I'm bragging but that is not my intention!
 I just need to express how thankful I am :) }

I totally did not realize that this whole outfit was gifted till right now.
I have such an awesome family!!
Now you tell Me something awesome your family has done for you!
I'd love to hear it!


And just for kicks and giggles- here's a rare appearance of the hubsters!!!
Top&coat: F21{Similar coat}//Jeans:Walmart//Boots:Cathy Jean{buy here}//
Purse:Kohls {similar}//Watch:CharmingCharlie{very similar}//Bracelet: YuniKelley

{Sorry for the over-abundance of photos!}

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Rachel Sayumi. said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE that you and your hubby is in the last photo!!!! That is super tender! love love it. And that's so neat that you have family who loves you and gets you pretty things ;) my parents and in-laws picthed in for our nice camera for christmas, which was great because we only had to pay for half of it~!

Alexandra said...

Lovel ur coat and boots look great! Thank u for sharing such a nice post!;)
Happy weekend!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Sabrina T. said...

nice combo honey

Patchwork à Porter

Imogen said...

Incredible yellow coat. I love the glitter and the necklace too.

shooting star said...

thats awesome boots..isnt it a grt feeling when we get things we want gifted to us :)

Melodee said...

wow! those boots are to-die-for cute! how sweet that you got them from your mother in and the hubs are adorable!

Maiken said...

you probably know I always love your outfits. beautiful colours, different patterns, cute accessories, perfect combos overall :) this time I'm in love with your bag that is spectacular. btw, I'm also looking for a perfect pair of boots but mine has to be warm because our winters are freezing.
oh and you wanted to see my fiance. I'll leave you with those two posts where you can see us together :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Callie said...

I love the chevron printed top with your mustard coat. Suuuuuper cute!!
~Callie <3

Shay said...

Love your outfit, as usual! I need that coat!

Ruth Alvarez said...

My favorite part of your outfit: that coat! its bright yellow! i do love it!
the boots are gorgeous too!
very cute!

pay me a visit

Megan/Brassy Apple said...

The chevron with the yellow is super cute! stopping by from plane pretty :)

Kimberly Bonham said...

Love this outfit!

Kristel said...

Love the whole outfit! You are one stylish lady, and thanks to you, I just bought myself a nice, very happy, very yellow coat....and they even took an extra 50% off....I'm one happy gal!