Sunday, December 30, 2012

(Another) Winter Uniform

Dear Fashion Diary,

Heyyy....remember me??
Yes, I am still alive. Who knew, right?
With Christmas and my sister having twin little baby girls The week of Christmas,
it has been some Crazy couple of weeks!
So here is an old outfit from a month ago that I am just barely getting posted.
But I'm not complaining- I will gladly put my blog 
on the back burner for family. 
We have looooved living nearby both of our families for Christmas this year!

I wore this out to Oreganos for my birthday dinner. I almost felt very Jcrew in this!
I love outfits like this that are effortless and comfy but not sloppy looking.
 I could wear this sweater every day
 if it were always cold enough here in Arizona. 
My momma got it for me for Christmas last year, isn't she the best??
I think cable-knit sweaters, statement necklaces, colored jeans and boots
 will be my new winter uniform. 
{I have probably said this about other outfits....oh well} me some arm candy. Go get yourself some! Link at the bottom!

Sweater: GapSimilar///Necklace:The Printable Cottage(during a sale)///Pants: Charlotte Russe(exact)//Boots: old///Watch:Charming Charlie///Chain bracelets: YuniKelley Designs

On a side note....
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013 here we come! We made it, the world is still here!!
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Katie said...

such a cute outfit! love your watch and bracelets!

Scott and Emily said...

Makes me want to get a cable knit sweater or two of my own! I don't own any...can you believe it?? We miss you guys TONS...but I'm glad you're able to be with family. That's always the best, especially with new babies and holidays. :) Anyways, LOVE the outfit, of course! You always inspire me. :)

Love, The Skinnys said...

Love this outfit. I have been DYING for one of those chain bracelets. So glad you posted where to get one! Cute digs sis!

Love, The Skinnys

Jessi said...

Happy new year girl!! I'm obsessing over your sweater! Its so perfect, I bet it goes with everything! Glad to here your Christmas was good! Twin baby girls?! How FUN!
Oh and that pic in Feb was just a fun little valentines shoot with the hubby. We got married in April 2010! Close to 3 years now! :)

Franziska said...

that first watch picture is beautiful!

and omg twins. i can't even imagine!

Maiken said...

happy new year, dear!
I always like your outfits and obviously this one too. the colour of your pants is just lovely and how nice is the arm party! very glamorous ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Angela said...

Hey yeah you've been gone for a little bit but helping out with twins is a little more important. :) Congrats on being an Aunt!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

so cute!!! I love that sweater:D

Julie said...

Haha I was going to comment that you looked very J.Crew in this, but you beat me to it! Looks great girl!

Megan said...

Cute! I love your watch, and these colors together are definitely very "J. Crew". You look adorable :) Glad you enjoyed your holidays, and happy new year!

Amy K said...

you are looking good my friend. I love the statement necklace! Hope all is well.

Much Love,
Amy K