Tuesday, May 3, 2011

F.D.: Free Bird.

Dear Fashion Diary,

This shade of pink is my absolute favorite.
Even though it's
a smidge big on me I grabbed it
as soon as I spotted it at DI.
can't beat $4.
Isn't thrifting grand??! 

I even have this shade in nail polish I love it so much :)

I call it, "Paris Pink". It covers the walls of my old room as well.

Here's a little story about a little bird.
It saw the world through the bars of it's little cage
and dreamed of one day
flying free.
Until one day, it happened! :)

Ok so here's an alternative
way to wear this shirt 
that I discovered:

Waddya'll think? Which way is best?

  • Pink top: thrifted
  • necklace: Claire's
  • yellow lace top: Ross
  • pants/lace top: Charlotte Russe
  • belt: Downeast Basics
  • shoes: gift
  • wrist cuff: Style Lounge
  • rose ring: Forever 21

-The Free Bird,
Sara Jane.
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M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a delightful Post. The outfits are darling. But I also LOVE the photoshoot location. And then the photo editing!!! You never fail to amaze. : )

Chelsea said...

Second way is definitely best. I love that combination!

You always find the greatest treasures at Ross. I'm totally inspired to get my little booty over there!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

LOVE that shirt! I also love that it's a bit big...totally adds to the character! And with that yellow top (that I totally want to steal), adorable! I like it both ways for sure, but the first is the winner for me!

rebecca said...

What a fabulous shirt! I love love love it under the lace. It looks perfect!


Monica Whitney said...

I love it under the lace! So soft and pretty.

Ask the Duplex

A Lost Feather said...

that pink blouse looks sooo pretty on you.. i don't think it looks accidentally big.. more like breezy! sooo pretty.

Annie said...

REally like it both ways, but I think I really love it with the lace shirt over it!!! What a great find!

Meredith said...

i LOVE the alternative way to wear it. soo pretty! lace is the new black, right? ;)


The Daily Fashionista said...

I love both ways you styled that blouse:) What a fun way to style it. And your necklace is too cute!

S said...

I really love the way you edit you pics!!!
The 1st outfit is my fav: i love this shade of pink along yellow and blue jeans!



Adorable!! I'm smitten with that birdcage necklace, SO cute! Loving the gorgeous shoes, and your shirt alternative? Brilliant!! Hope you're having a terrific Wednesday. xx veronika

carlijn said...

Beautiful top! Love it the second way.xoxo


Benedicte MAGEN said...

nice necklace


Sienna said...

thanks for your comment! i don't travel for study abroad, my family just travels a lot so that's how i get to, but i am moving to london in august to begin graduate school, so that's kind of study abroad. anyways, i love this blush top , its gorgeous, and you look lovely xx

Alisha said...

Both looks are great! I do like the second one a tad more. There's just something about lace. The bird cage necklace is adorable, and your shoes are fabulous!!


beckaboots said...

love LOVE the pink over/under shirt! soo cute. I miss layering!

Brittany said...

The swinging necklace picture is SO COOL. Oh how I still wish I actually bought that necklace when we saw it on our shopping day... alas! Serious lack of dinero. But you makin' it look so good is not helping me resist the little imp in my head who is telling me to go back and buy it RIGHT NOW.